Starry Night on the Farm

I’m confused how the star ratings for CHs work. The CH for the urban/rustic shoppe, has provided no follow-up comments, many low ratings, and yet has a 5-star rating for the contest. I’m sure there’s a valid explanation for this, but it seems high CH ratings ought to correspond with their willingness to communicate with us.


I"ve seen that happen before too, @auntshommy . I could never understand that myself. also, I’ve seen very helpful CHs receive 2 or 3 stars. Head Scratcher


if they give all low ratings they are still doing their job I suppose - I wish he would let us in on what he wants as we may be able to help lol


Is it permitted to tell a ch they can close a contest early if they found a winner or is that a banning offense (I dont know these days as whateverI say seems to be one)

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The CH ratings are calculated based upon how many entries have they rated in a contest. Rating entries is a form of feedback, and we encourage the CH to rate as many entries as possible. The more they rate, their own rating improves. We do not give low ratings to a CH just because they have not liked many entries in a contest so far.

We encourage the CHs to add comments throughout the contest as well - however many CHs start out just by rating entries, and they add comments on the second day or third day of the contest.

We are looking into building additional mechanisms to encourage more feedback from the CH.

@Jose, to answer your specific question, the CH’s are informed at the beginning of contest that they have the option to end the contest early if they have found a winner. So although you are permitted to tell the CH they have this option, it would be redundant. If you are still not clear about what is permitted, I recommend reading the messaging guidelines again, and reach out to us privately if you have any questions or doubts.

I think when a CH is being asked for feedback, yet still doesn’t provide it and continues to rate low, that ought to result in his rating score being cropped. :disappointed:


I find it odd when they arent getting what they want that they dont comment

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@Dan Thanks for explaining that! I was wondering how they got their ratings. Any chance WE could rate the CHs, since they rate us?

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