SquadHelp winnings and Tax Returns

Do I need anything sent to me from Squadhelp to show to my guy doing my taxes to report on my winnings? If no, how do I report it.

Yes, you should have gotten an email with the 1099 attachment. If not, contact admin via the blue button and let them know you need it.


Blue button? Where is that?

@RachelSH…can you help Efry get his tax document

Hi @Efry, if you are a U.S. resident and made more than $600 with us in 2016, you where sent a 1099 at the start of the year. Now that does not always mean you receive it (email filters and such). If you fit the previously mentioned criteria, please go to squadhelp.com and click on the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen (Thanks @jackieheraty). Squadhelp Customer Care with help you.

Hi Grant, What is the limit for us (Indian) to file tax.

@Brandshai, I cannot provide tax advice…Sorry.

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