Squadhelp Whitelabel marketplace website set up problem

Hi guys .I have been trying to set up my whitelabel marketplace website. been having some problems with pointing the dns.

apparently my domain provider doesn’t provide support for A records.(YAHOO SMALL BUSINESS)well if it does it hasn’t resolve for my domain for over a week now.

the problem is squadhelp only provides up addresses which are


and yes the nameservers are pointed to the default .
any help guys.? I’ve even tried converting this ip to a host name
got something like this but it didn’t work : ec2-34-196-175-210.compute-1.amazonaws.com

any help will be appreciated thanks


Looks like you can add A records with yahoo small business:

Did you read the Squadhelp help file on configuring the WLM?

Whenever I want to add the second ip I always get this error “Your request cannot be processed. An A record exists for the same host”

Are the nameservers set to the registrar’s default (not Squadhelp nameservers)? Looks like they should be:


Also make sure you’ve removed all existing A records before adding the 4 for the WLM

A screenshot of what you’re doing would help


Screenshot_20201019-005129_Desktop Web Browser|281x500

Nameservers checked to default,
As can be seen on the screenshot there are 4 cname records that i am unable to edit. Could it be the problem?

If your WLM is NamePropeller, it works on my end. So you should be all set :airplane: