Squadhelp Review Process. Must read!

Thank you @NamesMan.
Totally agree with you, they need to fix the auto-reject issue + refunding the coins of all auto-rejected names that we have submitted.



We have explained this to you few times via private responses, however I would like to explain this one more time to eliminate any confusion.

  1. All unregistered names go through a panel of internal reviewers (typically 3 or 4 internal reviewers for each unregistered name). This process is being followed for past several months. If all or most internal reviewers agree that a name is not a good fit, the name is rejected. This approach is significantly more reliable than having just one person accept or reject the names.

  2. All external names go through a panel of external reviewers. If most external reviewers agree that the name is not a good fit, there is still a possibility that the name will still be reviewed by an internal team member before it is rejected. If a name is auto rejected, you will see “Auto Rejected” next to the name, and you will also see the number of votes that name received.

  3. If you switch your account to “Manual Review”, any registered domain submissions will no longer be auto rejected or auto approved. They may still receive votes from external reviewers, but the final acceptance or rejection is done by an internal team member.

  4. For any unregistered domain submissions, there is no difference in switching to a Manual review process because all domains are reviewed by internal SH team to begin with. A Manual review is meant to ensure that a SH team member reviews your submission before it is accepted or rejected. This already happens in case of unregistered domains.

  5. There was a glitch in the past where if you resubmit a name that has already received 10+ reviews with almost no positive votes , it will likely get rejected again . We have corrected that issue and now the votes are reset in that situation. Our team also informed you that if there were any names that were auto rejected second time due to this glitch, the coins will be refunded for that issue. This applies to all sellers that were in the same situation.

  6. If you wish to avoid using coins, there is a “no coin” option that is available for registered domains.

Unfortunately we will not compromise the integrity of our review process - all names are reviewed independently, and will be accepted or rejected purely on the basis of the overall fit of the domain. If you submit 100 names or 10 names, it doesn’t alter the process the team uses to evaluate your individual names.


Thanks for your response,

Replying to your points :

1/2. I have already mentioned that on my post as i learned that unregistered names go through the panel of internal reviewers and if a name receive enough votes then it can make it to the approval, Now as you said this is considered an improvement and significantly more reliable than having just one person to review the domains, Now the question is, Why i was getting better success when my names were reviewed by one person than now considering you have improved the process ? Yes i complained about that previously but i was still getting some success even though my names are reviewed by one member, I was getting at least the average approval rate, Now i’m getting %0 - %2 with the same quality or even better quality and more studied names being submitted based on the data and insights you shared ?

3/4/5. Yes, I have requested to switch my account to Manual Review, I did that after i received a confirmation that my submissions will not be auto rejected under any circumstance, I even tested that with a registered submission and it seemed to be working, But to be clear, We are talking about auto rejection or approval by the system, Not due to lack of votes by the Review Team. Because if the system auto-rejects the domains they will not even make it to the Review Team, They will just get rejected in a short amount of time with no review being involved. After SH confirmed to me privately that domains will not get auto rejected again as my account is switched to Manual Review, Which ensures the team involvement to review my domains, I went ahead and submitted 42 unregistered domains, Few moments, Or minutes later i found 3 of them auto-rejected by the system because they were submitted by some other creatives previously, The system memorized them and just rejected them again. My proof is that only the domains that were previously submitted are the ones that got rejected again very shortly after i submitted them, The remaining 39 i believe are fresh submissions, They kept sitting on Pending Review for a few days and finally they got reviewed today.

SH made it clear that when i switch my account to Manual Review it could take longer to review the domains, We are talking about a matter of minutes and 3 domains were gone from my Pending Review list, And all of them had a history with SH system, How do you explain that ? I only see one answer, The system issue is still on effect.

  1. Why am i using coins in first place is to get a faster review process, unlimited number of registered as well as unregistered domain submissions and the other benefits included when using coins, If you had that available with the free option i would have gone for it certainly, If you have just removed the limits for the free option and included the unregistered submissions that would be enough. At least if there is a glitch or issue we will not lose the coins, As of now of course i’m done with the unregistered submissions, I feel like i’m giving away my cash, time and effort for something that i will never realize.

Just a question: where is this option?


ooo can we ask for coin refund? Or this already done automaticly? Thanks


Hello everyone,

I have followed up with another thread and shared some suggestions to improve the process, Please check it out here and let me know your thoughts.

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I am also looking for “Manual Review.” Can someone share where to find that?

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You may reach SH live chat support and they will help.

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Thank you…

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It is much easier to get domains approved by external reviewers than by internal SH review team.

So maybe switching to manual review is not good, because it seems external reviewers are more merciful :slightly_smiling_face:

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With Manual Review, The domains would still receive votes from Expert Reviewers, And then will go through final review by SH internal team, So even if a domain didn’t receive enough votes from Expert Reviewers it would still have a chance to get approved, And vice versa of course.

The only thing that i don’t like about this is that it take a bit longer than normal review.


I have been waiting for approval on a name that was in the “Pending Review,” area since August 10th. This morning, I looked and the name was no longer there, and it is not showing up in my “rejected,” file. I am frustrated because I can’t remember the name. I tried to contract someone using the BB…but they were not able to help. Has this happened to anyone else; where the name just simply disappears?I hope I can remember the name!

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If the name was submitted previously by another creative, It will not show up on top but will slip down the list to match the first submission date.

Because, If you submit a domain that was previously submitted let’s say in Aug 2019. SH system would still read it as submitted in Aug 2019 and will not update to the real time, Therefore, It will place it down with Aug 2019 Rejected submissions.

If you can’t remember the name you can reach SH live chat support and ask them which name was rejected, They should be able to assist. Once you get the name go to your rejected list and use ( CTRL + F ) then type the name and it will show up.


Thank you so much!!! I don’t know if I am more frustrated that I can’t find the name…or I can’t remember it! lol…Your help is very appreciated!


Good afternoon! Please, I’m a beginner, I still don’t know where to find some pages on the platform. I would like to know where I find my approved and unapproved name listings. sorry.

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@Eliete_Pedro Okay, how you find approved or rejected names you have submitted.

Go to your dashboard. Then on the navigation panel look under marketplace. Find where it says marketplace listings ( https://www.squadhelp.com/marketplace-listings ) and click on it to go to that page. This page lists all of your marketplace names.on this page there is a drop-down box listed under status. In this drop-down you’ll be able to find the different options to list pending names (these are names you’ve recently submitted that sh has yet to approve or reject), you will find approved for premium names (these are the ones that have been approved as premiums that will be available in the marketplace), you will find rejected (this is the option that will list all of the names you have previously submitted that sh has rejected), there also will be several other options within this menu as well. You can explore these at will and if you need to know what any of these are or mean, don’t hesitate to ask. I am replying mobile right now or I would explain more at depth.

Now, I should also note that there is also another page you should make note of. If you refer back to the navigation panel of the dashboard and under the marketplace menu once more, you will also see a nose that says domain reviews. If you click this page ( https://www.squadhelp.com/marketplace-domain-reviews ) and go to it, this page is for if you submit a name for review after it has been rejected. You can resubmit a limited amount of names to be re-reviewed if you don’t agree with the original rejection. Again, there is more to this and rules for this as well, but if it is something you are interested in knowing about or learning about, let us know and the other creatives and/or I will help to further detail this for you.

I would suggest you just clicking around and exploring everything that you can. Some things will be self explanatory, some things probably not. But at least you’ll come across the things that will help you better understand and those that you don’t, you can ask us about and we’ll either explain as best as we can or even in some cases maybe learn together :joy:


Dear Rareworthy: You are such an incredible asset to Squadhelp.

That’s all I have to say.


I have names “pending review” from June 17th, 2020 :frowning:

I do my 5 reviews a month, some are resubmitted domains, some are for logo designs e.t.c but they tell me that there is a backlog. I provided some feedback that 10 weeks is getting a bit long, don’t you think? Or maybe they could disclose a timeframe for reviews. E.g Domain reviews are currently taking 6-10 weeks e.t.c Just so we know thats all.

P.S I should really design my own logos as I’m a graphic designer lol but sometimes I just like to see someone elses interpretation :slight_smile:

@grant As there are sooooo many logos pending reviews and there is a backlog, is there any chance that the logos can be resubmitted back into the pool for designers to accept. I’m not sure if all the creatives realise that once they request a logo redesign if only goes back to the “original” designer. If that “original” designer has gone offline and no longer an active designer than the request gets lost. I understand if a new designer picks it up then there is another fee that needs to be paid to the second designer, so this is where i suspect we are getting stuck with moving forward.

I am more than happy to design for the creatives who want a redesign and i’m waiting for the day that creatives can choose their designers as i’m ready :slight_smile: @grant is this still happening, where in the future you said creatives can handpick their logo designers?

Regards, Shonel


You guys are all cool, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Yes, they are severely back logged and it seems many glitches are showing up. Like the name that was pending has just disappeared! But in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t too big a deal. Best of luck to you and let me know if you start designing your own logos! :grinning: