Squadhelp Review Process. Must read!

Hello Everyone,

Since i joined SH, I had much negative experiences with their review process,

One old story is when i submitted a list of unregistered names for review, And after i got my approved ones i gave away the rejected list on another forum so other members can register some of the domains as the list is no longer in use for me, Well, Someone has registered a couple and submitted them again on SH, And they approved the names for him! Only after a couple of days since they rejected them for me. Since then i started asking questions and trying to find out the criteria to get a name approved and to know more about the review process so i can make my work more accurate, By then it turned out the approval were at a review member discretion, Unlike now with a voting process like the Expert Reviews Selection Feature.

Quoting from an article about decision making :

“For instance, scientists Shai Danziger, Jonathan Levav, and Liora Avnaim-Pesso analyzed 1,112 bench rulings in a parole court and plotted the proportion of favorable rulings over the course of the day. They found that judges were more likely to deny a prisoner’s request and accept the status quo outcome as they advanced through the sequence of cases on a given day. More specifically, their proportion of favorable rulings started out high, at about 65% at the start of the day, but dropped off rapidly.” You may have a good read about that here

So yea, In accordance to that you cannot rely on one member to review the submissions and let all the external factors manipulate their decision, However, As they have switched to the voting process this should be better now.

It sounds good right? Unfortunately no. With that mixed up with SH System Issue that auto-rejects all the domains that were submitted before. ( Read about that here ) It really can’t be worse.

The system issue is still on effect even though they have switched my account to manual review and they confirmed that my domains will not be auto-rejected under any circumstance, Guess what, My domains are still getting auto-rejected by the system and i can’t be sure how much coins i have lost on this. There are no footprints to track so you can’t tell. For example, let’s say i have compiled a list of 100 unregistered domains and i submit them for review, A certain number of the names is likely submitted by some other creatives before, So it will be auto-rejected by the system. A good amount of time and a number of coins are lost already. How you can tell if a name is already submitted by another creative before is by checking the domain’s submission date, You find it showing the older time when the name was first submitted by another creative, Not the real time. Or simply check your rejected list, You will not find these names on your recently rejected names but on older times when they were first submitted by others. Sounds too much right? Well we are not done yet :slight_smile:

Lately SH is saying that unregistered domains are no longer good for me, They are just rejecting everything! My last list that i had on Pending Review included 42 names, 3 of them auto rejected by the system, 38 Rejected today and one still on pending review, At times my approval rate nearly made it to %20, Now it’s zero, Up to %2 in best cases.

You can work on saleable keywords, Follow the trend line and do what it takes to make the most possible from unregistered domains and get your carefully hand-picked list submitted for review, At the end you get everything rejected.

Well if SH thinks they have a good premium inventory already and they no longer accept or strictly limiting hand-registrations at least mention it, Don’t make us spend coins which are typically cash, And wasting time for a fake hope to grow a portfolio with hand registrations.

For me i have made my decision today, No more unregistered submissions for me unless this is changed, I would have probably made some decent profit if i spent all this time on another investment model.

Edit : I have followed up with another thread and shared some suggestions to improve the process, Please check it out here and let me know your thoughts.


Thank you @NamesMan.
Totally agree with you, they need to fix the auto-reject issue + refunding the coins of all auto-rejected names that we have submitted.



We have explained this to you few times via private responses, however I would like to explain this one more time to eliminate any confusion.

  1. All unregistered names go through a panel of internal reviewers (typically 3 or 4 internal reviewers for each unregistered name). This process is being followed for past several months. If all or most internal reviewers agree that a name is not a good fit, the name is rejected. This approach is significantly more reliable than having just one person accept or reject the names.

  2. All external names go through a panel of external reviewers. If most external reviewers agree that the name is not a good fit, there is still a possibility that the name will still be reviewed by an internal team member before it is rejected. If a name is auto rejected, you will see “Auto Rejected” next to the name, and you will also see the number of votes that name received.

  3. If you switch your account to “Manual Review”, any registered domain submissions will no longer be auto rejected or auto approved. They may still receive votes from external reviewers, but the final acceptance or rejection is done by an internal team member.

  4. For any unregistered domain submissions, there is no difference in switching to a Manual review process because all domains are reviewed by internal SH team to begin with. A Manual review is meant to ensure that a SH team member reviews your submission before it is accepted or rejected. This already happens in case of unregistered domains.

  5. There was a glitch in the past where if you resubmit a name that has already received 10+ reviews with almost no positive votes , it will likely get rejected again . We have corrected that issue and now the votes are reset in that situation. Our team also informed you that if there were any names that were auto rejected second time due to this glitch, the coins will be refunded for that issue. This applies to all sellers that were in the same situation.

  6. If you wish to avoid using coins, there is a “no coin” option that is available for registered domains.

Unfortunately we will not compromise the integrity of our review process - all names are reviewed independently, and will be accepted or rejected purely on the basis of the overall fit of the domain. If you submit 100 names or 10 names, it doesn’t alter the process the team uses to evaluate your individual names.


Thanks for your response,

Replying to your points :

1/2. I have already mentioned that on my post as i learned that unregistered names go through the panel of internal reviewers and if a name receive enough votes then it can make it to the approval, Now as you said this is considered an improvement and significantly more reliable than having just one person to review the domains, Now the question is, Why i was getting better success when my names were reviewed by one person than now considering you have improved the process ? Yes i complained about that previously but i was still getting some success even though my names are reviewed by one member, I was getting at least the average approval rate, Now i’m getting %0 - %2 with the same quality or even better quality and more studied names being submitted based on the data and insights you shared ?

3/4/5. Yes, I have requested to switch my account to Manual Review, I did that after i received a confirmation that my submissions will not be auto rejected under any circumstance, I even tested that with a registered submission and it seemed to be working, But to be clear, We are talking about auto rejection or approval by the system, Not due to lack of votes by the Review Team. Because if the system auto-rejects the domains they will not even make it to the Review Team, They will just get rejected in a short amount of time with no review being involved. After SH confirmed to me privately that domains will not get auto rejected again as my account is switched to Manual Review, Which ensures the team involvement to review my domains, I went ahead and submitted 42 unregistered domains, Few moments, Or minutes later i found 3 of them auto-rejected by the system because they were submitted by some other creatives previously, The system memorized them and just rejected them again. My proof is that only the domains that were previously submitted are the ones that got rejected again very shortly after i submitted them, The remaining 39 i believe are fresh submissions, They kept sitting on Pending Review for a few days and finally they got reviewed today.

SH made it clear that when i switch my account to Manual Review it could take longer to review the domains, We are talking about a matter of minutes and 3 domains were gone from my Pending Review list, And all of them had a history with SH system, How do you explain that ? I only see one answer, The system issue is still on effect.

  1. Why am i using coins in first place is to get a faster review process, unlimited number of registered as well as unregistered domain submissions and the other benefits included when using coins, If you had that available with the free option i would have gone for it certainly, If you have just removed the limits for the free option and included the unregistered submissions that would be enough. At least if there is a glitch or issue we will not lose the coins, As of now of course i’m done with the unregistered submissions, I feel like i’m giving away my cash, time and effort for something that i will never realize.

Just a question: where is this option?


ooo can we ask for coin refund? Or this already done automaticly? Thanks


Hello everyone,

I have followed up with another thread and shared some suggestions to improve the process, Please check it out here and let me know your thoughts.

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I am also looking for “Manual Review.” Can someone share where to find that?

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