Squadhelp Review Process for Unregistered Domains. My Feedback & Suggestions

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I have posted this thread regarding SH review process for unregistered domains and my poor experience with it especially in the last few weeks, I was getting everything rejected and i felt like i was just giving away my cash, time and effort for something that i will never realize and for a fake hope to grow a good portfolio with hand registrations, Well it turned out that i was not alone in the pool but with many other creatives that are not at all happy with the process.

For me, It’s clear that i will not be going any far with unregistered domains if the process remains as it is, So i was thinking if we can get to an agreement and a potential solution that satisfies both parties, SH and us creatives.

The primary issue that i find with the review process for unregistered domains is that we are using coins for our submissions, But in the other hand we are no longer meeting the least of our expectations with the process.

What do i suggest for SH to sort this out is to not charge coins upfront, But instead charge 10 coins for each approved name, Why ? Well SH claims that the average approval rate for unregistered domains is around %10 or near. The math says that if you charge 10 coins for each approved name then it’s the same for you as charging 1 coin upfront for each submission. You just need to match the average approval rate.

For example :

Instead of spending 100 coins upfront for 100 submissions, We can submit 100 domains with no upfront cost, After we get 10 names approved matching the average approval rate, We pay 10 coins for each approved name in order to list it, that’s still 100 coins.

Please hit like if you agree, And also share your thoughts in the comments, Let’s discuss openly as long as the discussion is healthy and constructive. Let’s push this to the better!

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If someone is averaging a 30% acceptance rate, then they would be paying 3 times the amount they were before. It’s not fair that they should pay for those with a lower acceptance rate.

It will also encourage a load of rubbish submissions. If one can submit whatever they want at no cost, they are more likely to submit as much as they can.

There is an option to submit without using coins.


I hear your frustration.

I have not subbed unreg domains very recently (I think it has been more than a month) but I wasn’t having any problems with it before - based on my average approval rate, I was getting approvals that fit into my rate and that is about what I would expect. I think you said this is a recent problem?

Here’s how I look at this and maybe it will help you with your own perspective:

  1. If Squadhelp rejects my names, I move on because it typically means they don’t think they can sell it. So, I take that as “advice.” (I will say that they aren’t always right about that but who is… I have purchased names they rejected that sold after that). I don’t buy any names that SH rejects anymore. There are so many names to find, it’s just not worth it.
  2. I always look at my portfolio as a whole. So, if I spend $10 on coins to sub 10 names and I get a few approved that is fine with me. We will NEVER sell all of our names and the sale of one name makes up for the costs of others. I stay profitable by determining the best ways to spend money and I track all of it to make sure my profits stay going up, not down. I do the same thing with how much I will pay for a higher value domain.
  3. After a while, you start to realize why your names are being rejected and you adjust. Then, you try more and see how that goes and again, start at #1.

I hope this is somewhat helpful to you and eases some frustration.


Well if this won’t work for people matching higher approval rate, They can make it optional so you can choose to pay coins upfront or 10 coins each time you get a name approved, This remains an idea to push this discussion and probably we can come up with a better idea if everyone participate and share their thoughts.

Regarding your second point, I think they can put some limits to people who are not hitting the mark and just submitting nonsense, A lot of factors can be involved in this.

As for the free option, Yes you can submit names without coins but that’s only for your registered names, We are talking about unregistered names.

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Exactly, Good hand registrations are one way to grow a valuable portfolio at low cost, Even though not a huge share of my portfolio is made of hand regs but i’m shedding more light on this side lately because i know there’s plenty of value and hidden potential out there.

Not one time, Not two times, Not three times they reject some of my unregistered submissions, Which i later on find out they are premium listings, Registered by some other creatives. Although there isn’t a huge gap of time in between but i don’t complain about that anymore ( I did once ) But now i understand they could change their opinions about some names as the buyer trends change and so on.

I agree, But the whole thing doesn’t sound right to me. I will be happy to wait more days or even weeks to get my submissions carefully reviewed and appraised, This overnight or a couple of days review doesn’t sound right to me, Yes you gain time but you can’t be so accurate.

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I must be missing something. You can already submit unregistered names for free (no coins) you just have a longer wait time and can only submit a few at a time. You just have to select that option in your seller preferences.


It does require coins when you submit unregistered “creative-owned” domains. You cannot submit those for free.

Oh, so you mean you want SH to allow you to submit unregistered domains for you (not SH) to register without spending coins. So basically a free appraisal of an unregistered domain’s potential. I can’t see any reason why SH would do that, tbh. Maybe a token number of free submissions as one of the tier benefits, but beyond that, it doesn’t seem cost effective.


Thanks but it seems like you didn’t get my point very well, I didn’t suggest to make free submissions for unregistered domains but just to not pay coins upfront, Instead of that we can pay a higher number of coins once a name gets approved.

Talking about appraisal, I can’t see any work being done on this side, If they feel a name is a good fit they would approve it at $1699 in most cases, Like all the names have a firm value. Hand fingers are not the same, So are hand registrations.


If they were to do what you are suggesting, what’s to keep a domainer from submitting unregistered domains( no upfront cost) finding out which ones SH believes have potential, then registering those names and listing them elsewhere? Would you pay coins each time a domain is approved, or only when the name is actually listed in the marketplace? What happens if they approve the name, but when you go to register it, the name has been scooped up by someone else? Will you still pay SH for the approval, even though you cannot list the name?


I don’t really get what are you talking about, If i don’t see the potential in a name then i wouldn’t submit it in first place, I don’t need SH to tell me if my names are saleable or not, But to just asses the names if they are good or not only for their buyer demand not “elsewhere” I’m here to sell names, Not seeking opinions.

What happens if they approve an unregistered creative-owned name for you but meanwhile it gets registered by another party, Would they refund the coin for you? Same applies for the other scenario…

There is no such thing as an unregistered creative-owned domain. If it isn’t registered, you don’t own it. I think most people are willing to pay a coin to find out if SH would list a name prior to registering it, but in any case, good luck to you.


Thanks man, And thanks for your thoughts and participation in this discussion.

And yes, What i meant by creative-owned is that you reserve the right to register it if it gets approved and not SH, But of course you will not have ownership over the domain until registration takes place.

The answer to this is that everyone moves on. SH is not registering the names. What is happening is that domainers are, because many of us are finding the same names available. The number of domainers “out there” is massive. Everyone is looking for the same kinds of names.

Really (and I say this having tons of experience on SH contests and in the marketplace) - this is something that (yes) bothers us but that we all need to realize is part of the cost of taking risks. And that is what we do - we take risks. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We take risks when we do not register and THEN submit. We take risks when we register and submit and get rejected (because sometimes it’s just not a great buy for SH). We take risks on every name because nobody can ever be certain that the right buyer for that name will come here.


I totally agree with you and i know that we are with many other domainers in the pool trying to catch good hand regs, But that wasn’t my point.

It was just a response to @ALDaisy1 when he said :

I responded back :

So If they would refund the coin for you as you failed to register the approved domain in time, Then same applies for the other scenario, You don’t have to pay coins as the name is taken by someone else, I’m not accusing SH for registering the domains or anything, Just to clear the air and eliminate any confusion.

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The problem with this suggestion is that some users will start spamming submissions non-stop which will overload the system.I remember that this was the situation before coins at SH.


I hope theres an icon on our dashboard to show how much money we spent already for coins.


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