Squadhelp Review of Marketplace Domains


We have added the ability for Creatives to “request another review” on Marketplace submissions.

The feature can be used to:

  • Request a second review of a rejected domain
  • Request a higher price point than initially offered
  • Request a review of the logo (in the cases that there is a genuine issue with the provided logo)

You can request 5 such reviews in every 30-day timeframe.

The Another Review feature can be triggered by clicking on “Request Review” from your marketplace listings page.

You will be asked to provide a comment with each requested review to justify your claim.

This is not a guarantee that your request will lead to a different outcome. Still, you will receive an email after the secondary review is complete to let you know if the request is accepted or rejected.


What is considered a genuine issue with the logo? It can’t be just that we don’t like it.


Great feature. Thanks.


I subbed a couple of reviews but I can’t see a place where we know the outcome of the review. There’s no indication that my request is being reviewed and no info on outcome. Where will this be?


My first batch of reviews was 100% accepted, thanks SH. @Commulinks asked a good question, where can we see stats regarding reviews?


For the purposes of requesting a second review of a rejected domain, it would be great if we had the ability to delete names from our “rejected” list. Many of my rejected submissions are no longer available, having been registered elsewhere. If I could delete those, it would shorten the list of names I might want to consider submitting for review consideration.


Thanks for this feature :slight_smile:
A) 5 reviews a month is very less for larger portfolios.
B) For situations where the logo is not really fitting I think the default text logo should be reverted to till the issue is resolved. I am noticing some of my domains getting shortlisted but not being purchased and I strongly feel that it’s because the logo is not in anyway lending a positive impact to the name (in fact some of them with jarring background colors are outright ugly and have a negative vibe). The buyer will not be able to successfully visualize the name as his/her brand name once they see a very poorly done logo for it. In contrast I feel when there is no logo, just a text representation their visualization will not be hindered.


@AvramChe - Genuine issues with a logo could include errors in the logo design or if the design includes elements that might create a misconception about the brand.

@Commulinks - Whether accepted or rejected, the outcome of a review will be emailed to you.

@ALDaisy1 - Thank you for this idea. We will add it to in a future platform update.

  1. At this point, we cannot allow more than five reviews without slowing the review process for new Marketplace submissions. In order to efficiently manage our workload and the overall review process, we will keep the limit at five for now.

  2. Once a logo is designed, we do not allow it to be removed. However, you do have the option to submit a review on your logos or pay a small fee to have the logo redesigned.


Since I got 4 approved and 1 rejected review, and now I must wait one month to submit more, I was thinking - accepted reviews should not be counted in our monthly quota, or at least it could be 2 for 1 ratio, every 2 accepted reviews we get one more. Just an idea.


This is a misunderstanding - there is no limit on how many domains you may submit for publication (up to 200 at a time)

However, those that are reviewed and rejected – you may request SH take a second look at up to 5 of your rejections each month

make sense?


Sorry to throw a spanner in the works @LynnParks but what if the contest were for active over-65s vacation breaks. Which would appeal and which would deter?

Most brandables shouldn’t be for just one subject (I know there are a few that are). I don’t think many people would actually use the ‘logos’ provided, it’s just a better visual that having to read through a list of names when you are wanting to name your company. Hopefully, anyone that buys a name here goes on to get a real logo done. If we get too fancy with our logos we could lose business for our logo designers.


My apologies AlDaisy1, I have removed it, no offense or disrespect intended, I think it’s a great name and I think it would do better if perhaps it had a more serious design with it. The name stood out to me months ago when I first saw it!


I definitely understand the different possible uses and try to account for that, - which is why typically something more middle ground for a potentially serious name seems like it would be more fitting. If you were to actually look into sites similar to both ends of the spectrum that already exist I think you will find that it’s not exactly par for the course in that niche either. I know that people are all different and there are a few people like the super bright almost neon colors and others dark backgrounds and non typical looks but from a broad perspective that is the minority and not the majority that we are trying to get the names to appeal to.


It just sucks to be singled out, lol. I do understand what you mean. I also know that two of the names I have sold had logos I honestly disliked, so there really is no telling what will appeal to a buyer. On the other hand, I have seen tons of great logos that seem to hang around, even though I feel they would be a great choice for many businesses.


Please know that is not my intention at all. I attempt to promote names from the marketplace outside of SH and have run into comments on other names that were design focused and I feel like I’ve witnessed the impact first hand. I just want all the good names out there to have an equal chance at being taken seriously. I do sincerely apologize though if I made you feel anything other than that I thought your name was worthy enough to care about! Never meant to cause you to feel singled out or uncomfortable!


Hi. I ask for advice. I transferred domains from another platform, more than 100 of them are not accepted as premium. We are allowed to submit no more than 5 requests per month. This means that I don’t have time to resubmit all domains during the year as a premium. Maybe it was worth entering number of requests depending on the number of personal domains? Otherwise, it is more profitable to return the domains to another platform, where they will be indexed, and not to keep them in the shadow here. It is really important question for domainers,


Why are there a handful of people with dozens or perhaps hundreds of names for sale, with logo design and all? Seriously???


Some of those people already had large portfolios they moved to the marketplace, and some have gotten them approved one or two at a time since the marketplace opened.


The marketplace has been around for almost 2 years.