Squadhelp Registrar?

Hello everyone,

I mean why not ? If any brandable name marketplace would want to launch a registrar that should be Squadhelp.

How would that be a great business addition for Squadhelp ( IMO ) :

1- Before being a brand marketplace, Squadhelp is The World’s #1 Naming Platform for companies and brands, Everyday there are plenty of Naming Ideas being found here, But not registered here. Either by CH’s, Creatives and domain investors, Or Squadhelp itself. So there is a promising customer base already.

2- Easy choice for domain investors and creatives, For me personally i would certainly get my Squadhelp domains with Squadhelp registrar if all sounds right with this last. I’m already not concerned about simplicity, credibility and support as SH seem to be doing it very well.

3- Smoother, And faster Marketplace transactions, Having domains registered, Or hosted with Squadhelp will result in smoother and faster transactions as some steps will become unnecessary. No need for sellers to transfer domains manually once a purchase takes place. No need for SH to act as an escrow, buyers get their names directly from SH and sellers receive their payments as quick as possible.

And many more benefits for Squadhelp, Sellers, creatives and even end users. I think the juice would definitely worth the squeeze.

Probably SH already have this in their future plans but i think it’s nice to push this idea for discussion. What are your thoughts?


Lol maybe you are new to brandable. Many such marketplaces exists already which are way more bigger than SH. Anyways becoming a registrar is a whole other thing which has nothing to do with all the points you wrote.
You can refer this link to know what it takes to be a registrar: https://www.verisign.com/en_IN/channel-resources/become-a-registrar/verisign-domain-registrar/index.xhtml

A registrar investment would fit SH more than other marketplaces because of many factors, SH has Naming Contests running everyday, Unregistered domains being submitted everyday, SH itself have tons of hand registered domains listed in other creative’s accounts. A registrar would surely be a plus.

As far as i know, To become an ICANN accredited registrar, you will need to pay the following initial costs:

1- Application fee of $3,500 USD
2- Annual fee of $4,000 USD (invoiced after approval of the application)

You will also need to show proof of at least $70,000 USD capital or be able to explain why you do not need this amount of working capital.

Once you are an ICANN accredited registrar - you will have to pay additional fees:

1- The annual $4,000 USD fee mentioned above
2- A quarterly ICANN fee - usually about $800 for smaller registrars
3- The ICANN per domain fee of $0.18
4- The registry fees ( for example $7.00 for a .COM ). This is usually deducted from your prepaid balance with the registry operator.

This isn’t a huge investment for a company like SH, But has a potentially big return. This is just my opinion, They know best.