Squadhelp Notifications Blank

The latest 3 Squadhelp Notifications I’ve received in my email have been blank. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Mine are coming in blank to

We are updating some of our notifications. If you still see any blank notifications, please let us know.


Got a “New Comment from Contest Holder” that’s blank.

Me too. At least 3 were blank.

Is “New Comment from Contest Holder” a new type of notification? I think the ‘from’ sounds like it’s sent to me and for me alone, using ‘by’ might be better.

I’ve received two e-mails with blank content as well. I’m like, did I win?

Also two blank notifications and no “You Just Won…” alert (but I didn’t mind!) :smiley:


All users would have received 1-2 blank notifications because we were updating the messaging feature at that time. The issue has been resolved now.

didnt receive any blank ones- two winning notices only


@Dan an, I haven’t received an email in days. Checked my notification settings and it’s still set the same way.

No blanks for me either - though i did receive one blank about a month ago as (precognition ?)

Mistook it for the blank slate :slight_smile:

Just got a new notification. It works. Thanks, Dan.


It’s working for me now. Thanks @Dan I like the new compact look.

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@Tammy, Can you check your Bulk or Spam folder? If you still don’t see the mails, can you please contact support at service@squadhelp.com or via chat. They will look into the email logs to see what’s going on.

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Their not in spam. I’ll contact support. Thanks

@Tammy, there have been instances when, if a sender’s mail didn’t carry with it identifications making it liable to being locked/obstructed by the receiving server, its delivery route was blocked.

@Vision I don’t see them blocked. But I just changed my email to my gmail account to see if it makes a difference.

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It mostly occurs in notification/subscription-based,emails that don’t allow for cancellation from within the individual emails themselves to occur (requiring external access to a discontinuation function)…

Switching email accounts fixed the problem and Thank you to @Matt for the quick response.