Squadhelp Memorabilia

Is memorabilia for creatives ever going to be a thing?

  • Mousepads
  • Thermos
  • Those cool water bottles like swell
  • Tshirts
  • keychains
  • back pillows (lol since many of us probably need them)
  • laptop tables
  • etc

Or anything else that we can think of and maybe making them purchasable with winnings, through paypal, or maybe even exchanging points for items.

Some of us spend a lot of time here and consider this at least a side gig if not work inandofitself. Being able to have things that shows our support and the support of us could be a cool motivator. Just an idea. :grin:


Hmmmm, I’d buy a SquadHelp Mousepad. :+1:


I want one of those big water bottles like swell has that has SH on it and I’d like a mousepad or even an oversized tshirt

I don’t consider this a side gig or work and I’d totally buy some SH merch​:heart_eyes: I love that idea!!! SH has been such a big part of my life since the moment I discovered it. Even when I can’t put time into a contest (which is almost always) I still find myself popping in every chance I get. I’m simply addicted to SH and would be proud to show it!!! :nerd_face:


I’d buy a Tshirt or a coffee mug that says: “I’m a Squadhelp Creative or Naming Expert or Tier A Creative” something like that :grinning:


Or the SH logo followed by a green love it smiley face.

Get it :wink:


Some great ideas, wish they were a thing. I think they should be.


I really like the Tier A Creative for a slogan!


I would love love a t-shirt. : )

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Or perhaps a Baseball Cap that reads: SquadHelp Creative :sunglasses:

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