Squadhelp Managing Domain Portfolios?

My portfolio with Squadhelp is growing, and I am committed to keeping names with them for the foreseeable future.

I would love to see some sort of managed domain service option, with Squadhelp, where they manage and hold domains in the portfolio. I know this wouldn’t be right for everyone. But I wondered would any others have interest in such a service?

My portfolio is nearly 500 names now, and although a lot smaller than many others, it still would be a great option to have names managed by Squadhelp on account, like they do with their Squadhelp owned domains. Even if this involved paying a small fee to do so.

I am not certain how it could work, I was thinking maybe paying for renewals a year in advance, with some sort of basic holding agreement.

There are no plans for them to do this currently. But I wondered if anything like this would be of interest to others?

For me, it would mean domain management would be even more passive, sales could be easily managed as Squadhelp would have access to names directly. So names could all go on Afternic or other channels, managed by Squadhelp, and further advantages.

I realise this would probably require some sort of agreement, annual or 6 monthly, for managing names.

Would anyone else have interest in some sort of service or offering like this, if it could ever be possible?


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