Squadhelp Main Site Down?


Anyone having trouble loading the main site? I’ve tried refreshing, clearing cache, deleting cookies, etc. Hasn’t been loading for about half hour or so now.


@rareworthy Can’t open the main site either.


Thank you! I was panicking that something was going wrong on my end.


Same problem, here. I’ve contacted SH about it. I guess, it’s working, now.


Thank you! :purple_heart:


You’re very welcome.


Yes I had the same problem. .lol. I even unplugged everything from the wall :confused:…to no avail. .Thank goodness we are back online :stuck_out_tongue:…I think we lose access during their updating the site? It’s happened a time two before today.


I’ve only encountered it one other time, but then again I am not as active as I used to be when I first joined. Trying to get back to that but have been having a lot of personal issues going on. I did everything I could think of that would try to troubleshoot what was going on. Glad it’s back up. :smiley:


I share your reaction when the site goes down. .I get spazztic when this site or any other one goes off line .lol. .especially this one!


Yaaay site is down again for me :disappointed:


At me too was so. Now all is well!


Is it just me or is SH’s main site down?


It’s down.
Not working for me.


seems to be back now


This happens at least 3x a week for me since I’m on almost 24/7. Usually lasts 15 to 45 minutes.