Squadhelp is hiring!

As we continue to grow, we are looking for high energy individuals to join our team. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a fast paced startup team where you’ll have a significant impact on the success of the business. Check out our current openings below and send your resume to career@squadhelp.com, if you are interested in joining our team.



Silly and probably obvious question, if a creative does get hired, I would assume their account would be “frozen” from participating in contests.


@seezall, that is correct. Squadhelp employees are and will be prohibited from participating in contests because of a direct conflict of interest. Therefore, anyone considering an employment opportunity with SH should be willing to “give up” their ability to participate in any future contests.

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Dan, thank you for the offer. It’s very tempting since I live on the same side of the Bermuda Triangle. I thought about it for about 2 seconds and decided that I love thinking up names too much. But you have some amazing and prolific talent that’s joined the site in recent months!

Im not sure that my skill sets match, but if there is an opening for google sleuth at any point I might consider it if it pays more than $200 a month


V would make a great SH employee, she is extremely intelligent and has that amazing photographic memory. You should apply V, you would dazzle everyone :sunflower:



You’re right!. She would be great!

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@LorinsEggshells, @LauraE, Thank you for your overpraise that is more deserving of Marissa Mayer with whom i share a small detail in common. Shortly before a bespoke search engine broke through the ranks i held in my hands a self-inflicted opportunity of managing the task of delegating resources to localizing a market leader of the browsing wars at the time for the unconquered regions of the world, but it was never pursued. So, we’ll never know how the different the world would a have seemed, because the inevitable was bound to become an unstoppable force. Here our similarities end. Not long afterwards we joined different start-ups - hers was called google and mine was named life. :slight_smile:


Can I work remotely?
I would love to apply for part time editing etc. I was employed as in executive assistant for 25 years. I do not require any health benefits I am over insured. Lifetime LAFD and Military insurance.

PS: Are you on the stock exchange.?

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