SquadHelp Domain Registrar

Has SquadHelp thought of starting or acquiring a domain registrar?

I see advantages for SH to run it’s own registrar for SH sellers and buyers. SH could;

-Offer lower commission for names registered with SH.
-Ensure faster transfer for buyers. Quicker payouts for sellers.
-Transfer WLM domains more efficiently too.
-Offer large portfolio discounts.
-Generate revenue from renewals.
-Keep track of when an approved domain drops.

And more.

Is this something the SH team has thought of?


I have asked and the response is that it’s in line with product and vision, but a lot farther down the pipe.


Oh I see @NamesMan and @Be_Fearless discussed a SquadHelp Domain Name Registrar here too.

Thanks for responding @Next_Venture.

Do you know how far down the line that is? I would love to cut down my commission rates while still utilizing SH as a marketplace. I believe the only efficient way for SH to do this is to own it’s own registrar.

Granted it would have to be under a different name/brand. I would definitely transfer all my SH listed domains there if there were advantages that I listed above.

As far as I can see you own the most domains listed on SH. :slight_smile:

Not this year, likely not next year, as I understand it. And in that amount of time, a lot can happen.

Wish it would be a priority. Would make SH sales much easier. @Next_Venture

Forgot to add for payment plans, SH having an integrated domain registrar for executing this would be very ideal.

It would SH sellers much more comfortable.