Squadhelp better than ever!

I wanted to send an email to SH to say thanks but this is probably the best way.
I would like to thank SH on their excellent site which is constantly improving. The ease of use and features is nothing short of brilliant, not to mention the aesthetic quality. Your communication and response to creatives and I am sure CH’s is nothing short of first rate. I am doing this as a serious hobby and have been disillusioned at times but the friendliness of SH, Creatives and most CH’s has always spurred me on.
I have done moderately well (for my purpose) and the odd win is a great feeling. I now know not to expect a win even if rarely in front, since the odds are stacked me with so may great creatives using SH.
Anyway just thought I’d say thanks to everyone and if I have annoyed anyone it was unintentional.
Best of naming/taglines to everyone, I don’t do Logo’s


@Hawkeye, I am so very glad that you posted this. SH is so superior it is ridiculous and it is really great when creatives tell them what a great job they do. I feel the same way. I have my really discouraging times and then something always happens and I get so encouraged. I can also see what you are saying in the messages from the CHs. So very many are posting about how thrilled they are. More than I’ve seen before and I just love that!!!


Great to get a reply. Thanks for that.
Best of luck.

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Same to you Hawkeye, I am a fan of yours! :+1:

I agree if it help my chances of winning - if not there are quite a number of things that need improvement :wink:

There may be some room for improvement but if you use any of the other naming sites for a while you will definitely see that SH leaves them in the dust. It’s impossible to be perfect or please everyone but they do their best. SH is constantly evolving. They actually listen to the creatives and make changes based on what WE want. They make an effort to look out for our interests as well as the clients. I could tell you a few horror stories about some of the other sites out there. It’s like they don’t even care. The attitude seems to be deal with it or get lost. For that reason I have come to really appreciate how hard the SH team works and hope they are around for many years to come.

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Hi Bill.
SH is still heads above anything out there. Nothing is perfect but SH is getting there. I have had gripes in the past and I can say that the Chat and Forum are pretty damned good. The site and functions are some of the best I’ve seen.
Don’t get me wrong. If I see something wrong I usually say. The thing is SH seems to adapt fairly quickly and logically to problems. From experience it is not easy to change website functions just like that. It has to be done methodically to do it correctly, in conjunction with communication to users.
Sounds like I work for SH! but I’m just happy with the service.
This is where I get slightly annoying to people, I seen a few posts saying it is creatives work, energy and time and so more should be done. That is completely true. The way I look at is. I didn’t need to pay to join. It gives me a chance to use my wordsmith skills without actually being an employee and I can start and start when I please. I can go on vacation and forget about it for as long as I want. Seems a pretty good deal to me.
Also at the end of the day SH needs Us creatives to survive so they will be as fair and honest as possible.
The bottom line is that no matter about all the rules in place, if you have the right name it will win.
Best of luck Bill. Just going to read through this new SH handbook on how to improve my chances of winning.
Hope I didn’t (annoy) creatives too much!

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Sorry. Your post just appeared just after I pressed ‘post’ on mine. Your post was first!, HaHa! Couldn’t agree more
I agree with you about other sites. I tried a few before I seen SH. As you said, a waste of energy.
Good luck.

I would like to add, also SH is awesome business. They are always available to help, I’ve had questions answered all hours day or night.

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Correction: Hope I didn’t (annoy) creatives too much!