Squadhelp as a main source of income


My earnings in Squadhelp last year covered my son’s annual insurance premium payment. It is an education endowment fund to fund my son’s future college eduction. I joined squadhelp mainly to quench my creative thirst. But I am happy that it also helps to fund my son’s future education. As a father, I am happy to work for this.


It’s leap year this month so is the cha Ching going to fall on the 14th?


I thought when it’s leap year there are 29 calender days…@kwazi am I wrong?


Yeah…I agree. I don’t think it’s leap year. February always has 28 days unless it is leap year,I’m pretty sure.




It’s leap year this year… : )


no valentine love yet


I quit my lecturing job about two years ago because of reasons best known by me, ever since then, have been searching for a way of survival. Fortunately, I met a friend of mine who introduced me to the site. Ever since then, SH has been my no1 Source of income, though with the money am able to save, am now moving fully into my poultry work. All
Thanks To SH


It’s not, lol. Wednesday, Feb 28th is the last day of this month.


wow thats inspiring…keep up the great work


Oops, I’ll check the calendar next time…; )


Thanks my guy, I have all reasons to say thank you, because you are the Source of my coming here either directly or indirectly.
Thanks @WHAYASAY once more.


Wow…I have been here at SH since it was still 50usd but this is my first time to ‘open up’ to all of you guys. I just saw your ‘names’ in a box of those who are trending and that ‘cha chiing’ moment when a winner is picked beating us all contenders of the prize. I am just happy and honored that i belong to SH as a community of people who are having stories of coping, surviving, celebrating,or just have to feed cats and dogs (no wonder they won such kind of contest) and all having the dynamics of life regardless of color, beliefs or any other things that divide. I came from a very far and poor place of the earth but i feel like i belong and accepted here in SH. I don’t really won a lot but i got ‘like it’, ‘love it’ and 'shortlisted too, but today understand, that
every time my ‘love it’ is not the winner, i ‘lose’ to a fellow who is also like me coping, surviving or having cats and dogs to feed. SH is a community of intelligent, creative, artistic and caring people. Yeah…i can feel their warmth even here in a faraway place…long live SH!..


Hello there to you and sh community!
To you each and everyone. . if no one has told ya. .you are beautiful,hope you have a pleasant day or night​:smiley:wherever you are…¡ :heart: squadhelp!


Best of luck to you @poldo in all your contests :slight_smile:


[quote=“poldo, post:73, topic:2403”]
I feel like I belong and accepted here in SH…[/quote]
We are honored and happy to have you as a part of our not-so-little Creative Community! :family_men_girls:


@poldo. That was beautifully said! Keep faith that your time is coming for a win! Glad you decided to join the chats.


@poldo This is really inspiring speech! When I did not win several months in a row, I went to the forum and was inspired by the victories of other people. I do not like whining. I believe that anyone who strives relentlessly will succeed


After receiving 150+ emails at once, I have to say that I did not expect to see a topic mentioning me! Specially because I’ve been inactive since the moment I flew in 2016!

Thank you for remembering me and for thinking about my whereabouts :slight_smile:

Yes, @LauraE, I’m safe and sound, and very well fed. :blush:

Update on my life: I am since June 2016 living in Athens, Greece. Working hard but also traveling around Europe, and fulfilling dreams I never thought would become a reality.

I have wanted to come again to SH and participate, but I always have an excuse for not doing it… The main one is that I can’t use my phone at work or access the website while there, so… I wouldn’t be able to keep track during the day, and I really really want to sleep at nights xD

Greetings to all and I wish you the best of lucks in the contests and in life!



Very nice to hear from you and happy that you are doing well. This discussion thread and topic has finally come full circle, haha!