Squadhelp as a main source of income


It’s not a main source of income for me simply because the process of CH’s choosing names is too long. It’s made me cut back my time drastically on this site so I can work other things that give me a guaranteed income.
So anything I get on SH I just use it to pay bills like smart phone and internet. On the bright side when they award the split contests in a few days I have a contest that’s guaranteed for $300 and I’m the only like and it’s been there for a month so it doesn’t look like the CH is planning on restarting the contest. I then use the money to buy a plane ticket for Christmas visit my family!


Nothing is guaranteed. I was the only Love it and shortlist on a contest for over 2 months…and the day it was finally set to split the CH chose a different name out of no-where. (no activity the whole time prior to that)


Ohhhhh Jackie, that must have made you talk in characters like #??!&%!
that has happened to me, too. It is INFURIATING after waiting so long.


Having been here long, I have pretty much done away with all concepts of certainty or hope. Hence I never feel comfortable focusing too much on a few contests, no matter how well I do in them ratings wise.


Yes, many Characters and a couple Miller Lites…


I hear ya…the ones I thought I had “for sure” don’t pan out, then one’s I had no clue I was even being considered surprise me…You never know how it’s gonna roll…


Right??? OMG, so right. I have to keep telling myself this. I actually do that, except when what happened to Jackie happens.


To be honest,

I play SH to contribute toward utilities/stash away money like a squirrel to fuel for a new life. I was terribly injured by a medication I took as prescribed, and my best friend, who also happens to be my mom died in April. This website and the pursuit of starting completely over once I heal is keeping me going. If anyone has any wisdom on proven ways to make money from home–I would so appreciate info/resources. This is the only way I’ve found so far.

Thank you for your vulnerability. I’m sorry if mine feels heavy handed, I guess I just don’t care anymore, you know?


So sorry for your loss @ScoutFinch.


squadhelp gave me inspiration ,gave me the light for earning & self respect. when I work here , i Feel a kind of peace & comfort like i’m in my home . I LOVE SQUADHELP. thank you Squadhelp…


Oh, I’m so sorry about your Mom, SF!!!


I’ve come to that same realization, @lightless. I had a melt down some time ago about a nonguaranted contest I was doing extremely well in, only to have it canceled. Poor 'Dan", I took it out on him (and he didn’t even ban me!, great guy!) Ever since then…If I win I jump for joy, if I lose, it’s “Oh well, on to the next”. The only thing now that I have to deal with is non rated entries…that’s my new nemesis :slight_smile:

@jackieheraty Ouch!!!


So sorry to hear this. This site is such a great outlet for so many things! Have you thought of trying virtual assistant opportunities?
Take care!


It has to be work that I can do at night/on my own time. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I can kind of market myself as having a disability/able to do clerical work. Not sure if I would have much success on craigslist with that.


There is a website called realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com that is a treasure trove of ways to make money from home. There is everything from simple pay per task jobs, writing jobs, transcription, paid surveys, phone customer service, and many more. I personally worked on a site that paid home workers to do internet search rating. It paid about 11 dollars an hour back then but I had to give it up after my son was born because I didn’t have time to put into it. This site is an awesome place to start if you want to make money from home. Good luck to you.


@ScoutFinch, here’s some info for you:
Freelancer.com (which has a very wide variety of freelance jobs that you bid on)
And this article, which lists several similar opportunities (some are very specific)


Wow! You guys are awesome. Going through this right now.


So sorry,Scout! These down cycles in life try the best of us,and I am so sorry you have been struggling.I had several losses this year too, and sometimes it helps to focus on something like SH,or other blessings…like for me ,a new grandbaby born two weeks ago. I have not found other ways to make money from home that are reliable(except selling on Ebay) so I am grateful when I can make a few pesos here.Prayers that life will turn for you soon,honey!


Congrats to you, granny Hollygirl!!!


Thanks, Clinks! Got to spend 16 days in Phoenix before and after my daughter delivered on Oct 29th…so was happy to meet the new little guy.What a cutie! I also got to take my other 3 1/2 year old grandson trick or treating since his Mom had just got home with the newborn and her hubby was helping her get her and baby settled. So great fun all around! Hard to come home through, and be away from my babies! :0)