Squadhelp as a main source of income

I remember a guy here (Now inactive) who was in a poor and corrupt South American country, who managed to save enough money to buy a plane ticket out of his country due to his Squadhelp earnings.Please share your inspirational stories made possible due to Squadhelp, as these kinds of real relatable stories really inspire me in times when I feel down on Squadhelp.

While Squadhelp has always been a secondary source of income to me, it has brightened many of my days and helped/aided me do things I could never do otherwise, like starting a brick and mortar business.


Squadhelp is my main source of income I own a farm with rescue animals so that is how I provide them food and shelter and training for a better future


You are doing good work Vive. I was a cat person for much of my youth, but now a dog person for the near future.My cats never cared about me anyway, at least as much as I cared about them. :slight_smile:


Well Squadhelp has been great for me, because my family seems to be having a run of bad luck lately. Since May, we’ve had a broken arm, unexpected house repairs, a 4 year-old car suddenly suffer electrical failure, and two family members need new glasses (which our insurance doesn’t cover). Ordinarily we would have really been hard-pressed to afford all that in addition to the regular bills of a family of six, but my winnings have made it much more bearable. And I have also been able to afford a few extras like sending my son to Jedi camp. I’m currently saving for a new violin for my daughter, who is about to outgrow her half-size instrument. So yeah, I’m a big fan of the site. :slight_smile:


Your story makes me happy Daisy, even though I’m supposed to be your rival. All the best to you going forward.


Well, I’ll take that as a compliment. I have a long way to go to be in the same league as you, lol.


You are too kind. I love your names; keep on working hard, :slight_smile:


SH is my only actual source of ‘working’ income right now as well. I’m a freelancer trying to get my services out there for web design, photoshop, personal shopping (interior and fashion), personal styling (home and fashion), customer service, branding, advertising, marketing, content creation, writing/blogging (also working on two novels – an independent one and one that will be the beginning of a book series like LOTR, Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, etc but mine is both fiction and NF mix – hope people will like it) and PR help (from all I’ve learned in the past few years, SH included), and crowdfunding strategy for personal/small businesses. But it’s a slow process, very slow.

Otherwise, I’m only on disability and only getting a few hundred dollars a month so SH has helped (just need to turn all of these positive ratings and shortlists into wins eventually). My roommate (who has become like a mother to me) and I both experienced near fatal accidents (in the same year, big coincidence but something that drew us closer) and I’m finishing up my master’s degree so doing this as I can while trying to finish up everything and get my feet on the ground so I may be able to utilize my degrees and get a job that I can actually do with my disability. So SH keeps my mind sharp, gives me something positive (usually) to focus on, and being around ALL of you really helps as well since it’s the only socialization outside of my roommate that I get coincidentally (INFJ so I’m a bit of an extroverted introvert) and I love you all because you’re all so inspiring and sweet so that really helps as well.

EDIT: I love this discussion and reading all about all of you and the positivity. Thank you @lightless, for this.


I don’t feel too comfortable sharing deep thoughts here in the very public forum… but I will say this, @lightless… SH has become a steady source of income for me every single month. But it is a lot more than that. I have really needed to have a creative outlet during some very difficult times. What I was able to do here was to just immediately jump out of the gate and serve both my need for a creative outlet and for additional income. I have also worked alone for a very long time, so the community here is important to me. If this post was in the Senior Lounge, I might say more but this is all I feel comfortable saying beyond being extremely grateful to SH for even being here.

PS: I also made a friend here in SH who I now know outside of SH. She hasn’t been here in a long time but when I met her, her husband was dying and we became friends. Her husband since died and we remain friends via FB. I’ve been able to support her during her very difficult time and learn about her amazing relationship with her fantastic husband. It’s been so sweet to know her.


I have five children and lots of cats & dogs. I can not stay out of the house for a long time. Therefore, I am forced to seek remote work. this site helps me a little, but I’m learning. I write poems and carry out errands, working as a driver, delivering unusual cargoes


Rare, let us know when your book is ready, I’d love to read it :sunflower:


Like Commu, I don’t really want to be too open but suffice it to say incurable is a pain . SH has help quite a bit with bills and money I send to a son in Japan who is teaching. I write/brand for other places as well . I also work on inventions over at Quirky which I love dearly.
What has been more rewarding has been the friendships I have made along the way that will be lifelong. They know who they are :sunflower:


@rareworthy Wow, you seem to have lots of things going on; all the best to you. I wonder if you enter logo contests here on Squadhelp?

@Commulinks I understand. Sometimes we all need inspiration and a deeper purpose to work someplace beyond the money. Here at Squadhelp we also have great flexibility regarding how we work, an outlet for creativity and a good community where Squadhelp staff also participate.

@Edukar All the best to you. Learn well and prosper. Would love to see one of your poems. :slight_smile:

@LorinsEggshells Glad to hear how SH has helped you. Hope one of your inventions makes a real difference in the world sometime. BTW I love Japan and its culture, and am a longtime fan of Japanese wrestling. Please send our regards to your son.


@lightless, I remember that guy. Wasn’t he the one who started the “How to Improve this site” thread? I’ve wondered about him and wished he could have shared if he was settled safe and sound!

The money I have won went to my youngest daughter’s wedding, and bills! I had an unexpected bill that came up one time, and I won a contest the same week. I don’t win that much, so I took that as a miracle!

And @rareworthy, write that book! (@LorinsEggshells has also written an inspiring book)


Yes it was @JCaceres. Hope he is doing well and would like to hear whats up these days if he drops by again.

Glad to hear how SH was of use to you. I can never seem to win when I need that extra money, so IMO you are justified in considering it a miracle. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Glad to here it!

When I’ll die, life will continue,
And without me pipes will smoking,
In the heaven birds will sing you,
Lips will seek each other poking.

Flattery will seep like honey
And like steel bravado’ll rattle
And like drops years will be runny
Turning into water battle.

Candles will go out without me
Tombs will be destroyed unduly.
World will be uncaused without me,
Nothing else will happen newly.

There will come the other nation,
Men would kill death rate forever .
Time will come for my vexation
As I won’t live here and ever.


Clinks, I can understand about not opening up as much, but I am glad that you and so many others have found SH and it is working so well for all of you. I know you’ve had your ups and downs, but you and so many others are the ones I look up to here just because of your ability and creativeness as well as your successes here. I live for the creativeness here and need it a lot of the time, so I’m on board with being here because of the mental challenge as well as the great community, as it’s been sometimes the only thing that’s sometimes inspired me to keep with it through the frustrations.

Lorin, I definitely will let everyone know as I finish them. The book series is one that I have wanted to write since I was a teenager and I’ve gone to several publishers about the idea and they’ve all been obsessed with the idea but won’t help until I at least have a manuscript to show, so I am working towards getting that first one done and hoping I can get someone interested. If not, I’m going the self-publishing route and going to do it through Amazon. I’ve heard of Quirky and have thought of getting on there but don’t understand exactly how it works. I’ve had a few ideas for a long time that I’d love to be able to do on there, just need to figure out how it all works.

Lightless, I don’t have as much going on as it seems, lol. Those are just the things I am able to do and offer as things I can do for others. So far I’ve only had a couple people actually reach out to me for said services but then again, I haven’t been putting myself out there too much because of school and studies. Definitely going to be finishing my site here soon, though and that should help. As far as the logo contests, I would love to. I see all the logos and read all the contests and I’m so inspired, but unfortunately, I don’t have Illustrator or other software which would be preferential compared to PS in order to do logos and unfortunately have no way of getting it finacially, at least thus far. I hope to someday, though, because I love doing that type of stuff and used to spend hours a day just doing blends and such in PS (i.e. stuff like this https://is05.ezphotoshare.com/2017/11/13/zCLOVv.jpg, just as an example)

Laura, lol I will, I will! I’m doing it in my spare time and when I am able to. (Oh, I may have to check into that, always need more things to read)


Thanks so much, Rare! Oh yes, many ups and downs. And honestly, sometimes the downs work against me (in other ways) as much as the ups make me feel good. I appreciate you a lot.


Thanks @Edukar. Nice to see it. Very thoughtful.

@rareworthy If publishers liked what they saw, you should definitely make writing the manuscript your first priority, especially since its been a passion since your teen years. You clearly have design talent too.


Deleted because I don’t want to get JCaceres in trouble.