Splitting Prize?


Is this going to be the new policy now, splitting the prize if they mention your name on the comment board. This happens quite often to many of us and I just want to be clear on the new rule…I pasted the note below:

We have decided to split the award between “InSpark” who had the highest
rated entry, “Altrunity.com”, and “HollyGirl” whose name,
“AlltruisticMedical” was accidentally shared in the public comment
section by the CH.

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@jackieheraty, there is no change in policy. We use our best judgement in deciding the winner, and sometimes the circumstances require splitting the prize. In this case, the only “love it” name was a direct variation of the name that was disclosed in comments. Moreover the CH’s private messaging clearly indicates that they liked the original name, and finally rated the variant as “love it”. All situations are unique and this happened to be one where we believe it was fair to split the prize.


Thanks for the clarification @Dan…this happens quite a bit, so it’s good to be clear at the onset.