Sorry..found out answer

Sorry…found out answer…

What is it? I was wondering that, too.

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I have almost hit the wrong button before to withdraw my entry instead of marking it best entry…but this is the first time I actually did it by mistake.Was going too fast and not paying close enough attention I guess.As soon as I hit it and my entry disappeared I was like…Oh no!

I messaged Janice and she said they would try to see if it could be retrieved…so I don’t have a definitive answer yet.I’ll let you know if I find out.

So the red number = best entries submitted?

@Kim I think you are confusing my post to the one Lorin posted maybe? My post was about if an entry can be retrieved if you accidently withdraw it after a contest is closed ,and were trying to submit it as best entry and hit the wrong button.

Lorin’s post was about the red number in parentheses.(Which by the way I think is the number of active entries you have going,not including your withdrawn entries…)

OH!! Silly, me! Haha thanks… :flushed: