Some questions for the group

I have been on SH a few months primarily just listing premium domains. I have had good luck in another branding platform, but there review times are getting so slow I decided to try a lot harder on SH. I hope to have 50 premium names up by end of month.

I have some questions and observations I would like advice or comments on.

  1. If I scan domainIQ I see just under around 45K domains pointing to their name servers. So in a short time SH is getting close to another branding platform in portfolio size.

I find many things I like about SH. Lander’s done well, ability to control my own keywords, the sounds like button, and ability to create my own domain description. Payment options of 3 to 6 months. What I don’t like is that the lander doesn’t showcase my portfolio. Or even have any reference to allow one to see my other domains. If someone organically types into browser I should at least collect the value of this traffic by a button right under the lander to view my portfolio before a bunch of similar domains pop up.

  1. Others may like this but I don’t. I checked to allow sales on my domains on an auto rotation. But should the sale start on the domain as fast as it’s listed? I think new to market place names should not go on auto sale till at least 30 days in the market place. Seems kind of silly to agree to list at price X and as fast as it show in market place it’s on a few hundred $$ sale.

  2. Wholesale market place is great idea, some have an unrealistic sense to wholesale but to each there own. It’s a pretty smooth process through payment from a buyers standpoint. But that’s where the fun stops. As the buyer I have to take over message domain owner wait for a reply and walk the seller through the process. I bought 2 and seller they refused to transfer because they changed mind. I blue button it they contacted seller. Who then had change of mind And completed transaction. So I am happy CS help to resolve the issue. But it would be nice for 2 things to occur for domains to be in wholesale market place. For SH to do a Whois pull and then show to prospective buyer who registrar is and if domain is eligible for push or transfer. I have found some small registrars a pain and prefer just to transfer if I can. But most important is for SH to ask if I want a push or transfer, ask domain user account info in case of push then auto message this to seller to complete the transaction.

  3. On the dashboard it shows the top sellers I think 2 of the ones on the list were private but out of the other 18 or so they have more than a combined 25% of domains on the platform. 1 in particular has more than 10% impressive.

  4. I also noticed some on this list have their own private market places and most if not all there SH listings seem to be on the private market place, So out of curiosity I clicked on one like I was going to buy it. It took me to an screen to check out.

I thought you are only allowed to list outside on Afternic if you accept the terms. So do large portfolio holders get better terms. I noticed on more than 1 SH seller.

  1. The top seller stats is that lifetime or for the year? Same for profile where it shows earnings. Say a seller has been active for awhile shows $50K earnings, but had thousands of domains. 50K may not even cover renewal fees.

  2. The new Tier Benefit Levels: One of the benefits of silver up is more control over your price on domains. So if one had an original domain for $4299 reviewed with a coin and the increase prices to $5100 and domain sales at increased price, is commission 30% as the original agreement or 25% because it sold above $5k

  3. SH coins as a gold or platinum tier get a 20 or 30 percent discount. Is this in addition to 10% discount if you buy 100 or more?

  4. I see a green bar on the tier level page. It says for those wishing to bring large portfolio over they have custom benefit options and to contact them. I have several hundred I could move over from another brandable site. So I text them, reply seems like a totally canned reply we are a highly curated market place, please submit domains for review via our submission form with or without coins. So what is this special custom benefits they refer to. I don’t want to enter several hundred domains without coins only for them to approve at lower sales prices and higher commissions. I was hopping they would just review CSV file give me a listing price they feel works on their platform and depending on how many I move say 200 or more put me on 30% commission for those $2499 or less and keep commission for the rest based on sale price.

  5. Are there any good stats on number of domains that are actually sold on SH. I know the constant show recent sales, but these aren’t alway what I would call recent as in say last month. Many times by historical domain records these look to be several months old intermingled with current sales.

  6. I like the concept of peer review of submission. I think it could go a step further. If it is approved it would be neat to see it peer reviewed on price also. This may be humbling to some but also great feedback to have the peer reviewers also provide a pricing feedback.

  7. Basic and Basic Plus. I like that some of these will now be searchable. So I have taken my last few that didn’t make it to premium, but had 3 positive reviews so would be searchable and I added them to plus market. But what do you guys feel of this listing type. It looks like these show up as third part listings. But if there is only 943 in entire site doesn’t seem like people like them.

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  1. There are 51,935 names pointing to SH according to Security Trails, as at 31 Jan there was 37,505.
  2. It doesn’t bother me either way.
  3. Glad SH sorted it for you.
  4. Nothing to add.
  5. This is not allowed and if you see it, you should report it. I would like it to be allowed so I can list my names elsewhere too under the same terms as the afternic/sedo agreement (SH get a kickback if it sells elsewhere).
  6. That’s for the lifetime. The marketplace has been around for 3+ years. Earnings are contest winnings AND domain sales, the contest platform has been around for a lot longer than 3 years.
  7. The commission is set at accceptance. So if you accept the commission at 30% then change the price, it’s still 30%.
  8. Yes it is in addition to the 10% discount for buying more. It is not in addition to using points. You can use points to get a 50% discount or buy with cash at a 30% discount. One or the other.
  9. I suspect their large portfolio means thousands of names. Many people have portfolios of hundreds of domains.
  10. No.
  11. Nothing to add.
  12. I have 500+ that are BP searchable (listed for several years). These listings appear below premium domains in the marketplace. In my opinion it’s a waste of time, interested in hearing other opinions.

I moved from the other marketplace, and I’ve said this many times… If you intend to move from any marketplace to any other marketplace and don’t do anything more to promote your names then I feel you’ve probably just wasted your time. It’s just a different style of landing page.

The advantage of SH is that you can promote your names to their audience. Work hard and you will pleased you moved!

Hope that helps!


@AbleBrands Thank you for the reply’s and advice.

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re: 1 – You don’t need Security Trails or DomainIQ to guess at the number of premium domains. SH tells you on the site.



Kinda, but the number is off, that means the number that Able has given is more accurate because it probably includes the basic and basic plus names as well. But, maybe I’m wrong?

I assumed Breezez was interested in premium domains.

SH tells you both numbers:



Thanks for your feedback. You are correct I want domains Premium listed. But I have several hundred names on DAN landers obviously some I would never move to a brand market place others would fit. If they were searchable I would consider listing those. But, if what @BrandLander shows, there is only 970 Basic or Basic Plus listings on the platform, this doesn’t seem like people have a lot of faith in these listings selling. I haven’t moved mine to SH because my organic traffic to DAN showcases the domain of interest, plus the rest of my portfolio. SH shows the domain of interest then a bunch of other competing domains. I would be fine with the competing domains on the page provide my market place portfolio link were provide higher up followed by say your top 4-5 listings based on shortlist ratio to views

@Breezez I believe the 970 number (which has since increased) only refers to Basic Plus listings that are searchable in the marketplace (3+ reviewer votes or higher).

There are far more than 970 basic and basic plus listings. There are advantages to choosing these options and, for brandable domains less than or equal to $2399, it’s usually worth listing them with Squadhelp rather than DAN.

@BrandLander Thanks for clarifying this. So only searchable ones are in that number, good to know. Do you guys have any luck selling many of these via SH?

I noticed longer names depending on device and / or orientation of the display doesn’t always display the domain fully in the colored background, Is there a way to fix that?

As far as logo’s go do you only recommend having them created only if searchable? What is the procedure to upload your own logo.