Some of my concerns that remained unaddressed

First issue:

The other day I added a few one-word .vc and .io to my portfolio. While I was working on writing classifications for the names I noticed that the “Real Word” category under “Type of Name” is missing from the list. I contacted customer support and they advised me to pick the option that best applies to my names. They even suggested choosing “Phrases” which of course I found bizarre, but anyway. According to customer support or are phrases. Anyway because they seemed to not care too much (as in most cases) I am posting this here in order to attract some attention to the issue from other sellers. The options we have now are: Blends; Made-up; Play on words; Compounds, Phrases; Misspelled. You may think that this is not a big deal, but it is actually. Because while making the category unavailable for new names, they kept the category “Real word” in filters for buyers, and it’s available for old names. So if tomorrow a prospective is filtering names on Squadhelp, and they’re looking to see what 1 dictionary word names are available for sale on the site, and they filter by “Real word” they won’t see all names that are available - only the older ones. This creates unfair advantages for older sellers, and older names. I will use the opportunity to mention the other category they quietly deleted before - “Abbreviations”. So now newer 3L 4L names are not abbreviations - in most cases sellers choose “Made up words” (even when names are completely non-pronouncable). Let me know what you think about this, and how the change will affect you personally.

Second issue:

Recently they started advertising their new 4.5% commission for imported leads. I contacted support to ask for clarifications - silence on this one too. I wanted to know if the 4.5% commission also applies to names with added marketing exposure. The article that was distributed to sellers only mentioned the standard 7.5% commission (standard listings with no added exposure). Please note that commission is 20% when added exposure is activated, and you haven’t paid $3 USD upfront. What do you think about this? I personally have no idea, as there is apparently nobody at Squadhelp who are willing to answer my question.

Third issue:

Squadhelp landers (for both premium and standard listings) are perfect for leakages with so many other names advertised on them, and with such heavy Squadhelp branding. Don’t be surprised if somebody who came through your landing page ended up buying a different name that was not one of yours. While it is okay when SH advertise your other names on your landers, it is not okay when more than 90% of the advertised names on your own landers are not yours. I can’t opt out from using their landers for my premium names, but I opted out from using their landers for my standard listings. First I don’t find their 20% commision to be competitive for sales that came through landing pages (most marketplaces charge between 4% and 10% for such sales), second because there are too high chances for purchases leakage to other sellers this way. Anyway another problem occured when I changed name-servers. Some of my names disappeared from my portfoio, because I now need to verify ownership somehow. And when name-servers are not pointed at SH, it’s harder. I want to keep names in my portfolio on SH, so that they can be submitted to contests by other sellers. Retargeting is not working anyway, so I can happily live without it.

Fourth issue:

LOGOS. I don’t even know if I need to say anything on this at all. Things are only getting worse and worse. No proper communication between sellers and designers is possible. Underpaid designers. Extremely poor results. I was planning on using SH landers and paying $5 for logos for my standard listings. I changed my mind because of (see Third issue) and because of the extremely low quality of logos I receive. I won’t be mentioning other platforms by name, I will only say that I can get much more for my $5 elsewhere.

***To be continued…


Anton, I’m going to break my brain if I start discussing every problem here. All aspects needed to be placed on separate pages in order to discuss each of them in more detail.
I will answer briefly on all counts.
1 Real word category is a must!
At the same time, it will be necessary to punish domainers who will improperly use this category, because I find it very difficult to find dictionary words to register and I do not want them to drown in a sea of ​​garbage phrases.
2 I also received a message about 4.5% commission. I was waiting for Grant to officially post this information on the forum to ask the same questions as you. All my domains have marketing targeting, so if I invite my buyer to place a deal here, SH team need will be possible to deactivate the targeting function in order to get those 4.5% commission.
3 I am not against retargeting, but I also consider 20% commission to be a very high fee. Nobody sees standard domains on the market, and if the customer sees them only in contests, this is entirely my merit.
4 As an alternative to logos, I offer domainers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they need a logo or enough visual image


In regards to “Real Words” - what is happening is a completely wrong approach. I can understand that certain sellers might have misused the types of names option, but this is not the way to fix things. Removing the option for everybody is a typical example of bad handling. Certain people use knives to hurt other people - does that mean that we should stop using knives completely? No! You simply have to be after the people who misuse them. And I should be still able to cut my meal with a knife. What concerns me the most though is that they kept the “real word” in filters. All newly added 1-word names are in disadvanced position now compared to older listings.


It’s a pity that no one from the team ever bothered to answer our questions. If I do find a client to place a deal here, how can I turn off Marketing Exposure for a specific domain? Now is impossible to do. Until this feature is implemented, many domainers will sell standard domains elsewhere. In addition, we have already written more than once that marketing for standard domains does not work. Its only advantage is that you can submit your name in contests. Therefore, I repeat once again that for domains that are not visible on the market, the 20% comission is a very high price in comparison with other sites.

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Please see the responses below:

  1. The Real Word option was removed from the classification choices because this option was being misused or misunderstood by several sellers. Having two word or made up names showing up in the Real Word section can result in buyers leaving the website, which ultimately hurts overall sales. Going forward, this will be assigned automatically by the SH team for all names that match the Real Word definition. You should see this classification reflected on your names within a few days of them getting approved; however it is possible that some of the domains may get missed. If you do not see this classification after 7 days of domain going live, please let the support team know.

  2. The bring your own lead feature applies to all standard listings, including the ones with Retargeting enabled, as long as your account is in good standing. As a reminder, this benefit is only for those buyers who have previously not interacted or inquired about the domain via SH or WLM platform. Any misuse of this benefit will likely result in immediate action/restrictions on the account.

  3. For WLM, the buyers only see your own domains as additional recommendations. If your standard landers point to SH, the majority of recommendations are for your own listings, however it is possible that some recommendations may be from other sellers. We are working on adding an “Opt out” option for standard listings which will allow sellers to completely opt out of recommendations from other sellers on their landing page. This will also opt out their own names from being shown on other seller landers. Please note that the recommendations can work both ways - while buyers may see some recommendations on your landers, your names may also get exposure in other seller’s landing pages. We do not plan to add the “Opt out” option for premium listings at this point because AI recommendations are an important aspect of our premium marketplace which helps improve the STR for our sellers.

  4. Thanks for the feedback regarding the Logo design. We’ve added several updates (e.g. bonus for Logo designers, limits based upon low ratings, proactive reviews by SH team), and we will continue to look for more ways to further improve the Logo designs. As an alternative to paying $5 for standard listing Logos, you also have the option to upload your own Logos if you are comfortable working with your own Logo Designer outside SH.


If standard landers point to SH, clicking on root words and emotions / feelings connects buyers to the SH premium marketplace.

Similarly, this thing links to the premium marketplace if we have the SH landing page chosen for the WLM:


These should stay in the WLM, if possible.


@grant Thanks for the reply. I didn’t comment before as I was 100% sure that what you said in regards to the automatic assignment of the “real word” category wouldn’t work. And it’s not working of course, just how I predicted.

I uploaded sixteen 1-word .xyz names between 8th and 13th September (3 of them already premium). They never got assigned the “real word” category. Two days ago I contacted support and explained the situation (you said 7 days, but I decided to give it 21 days). The chat took long time, unnecessary screenshots, and had to explain the same things to at least 2 different people. The chat ended with the usual “we will refer this to the team and let you know once we hear from them.”

Today I received a reply - a totally inadequate reply as usual.

Quote: “ Hi Anton, This is *****. We’ve heard back from the team. Accordingly, the real word option is no longer available for self assignment. This is to prevent incorrect classification of names that were actually not real/one words. This assignment is now automatically done by our algorithm. If you still do not see the assignment done after 10 days of domain going live, please let us know and we will take care of it from our side.”

So I already let them know that the names haven’t been assigned the category. And their reply (2 days later) is to let them know if the category is not assigned. Do you think it makes sense at all? It feels like you people work in different companies to be honest. All best. :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing the topic up again!
Our profit depends on it. I found that out of 12 of my domain names of real words, 6 are still not identified by the system as real words. Now I don’t even know who to contact if support cannot help as in your case.


@grant, good morning! We are waiting for an answer, what should we do if our domain real words are not determined by the system and support cannot help. Write what dictionaries the Squadhelp uses so that the domainer can give a link that his name has the right to be marked as a “real word”. This is very important for each of us. And for SH team too. If a client is looking for a dictionary word, he will never find our domains if they are not in the corresponding category.


@Edukar pray :slight_smile:

(The text needs to be at least 20 characters long, so I will repeat - pray)


I do not read the words of the prayer. I write them for others. So I am writer.

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A writer or not, you will have to learn some prayers if you want to deal with Squadhelp. Nothing else seems to be helping here. When I open this forum. it’s frightening how many issues people bring up. And what’s more frightening is that none of them have been resolved. Plenty of threads more than a year old, and nothing has changed.

I’ve been here for over 5 years. And I am sure that prayers don’t work here. Only our persistence in solving questions, only our confidence in win and only our desire to work make sense here.


@Edukar The only way to get a “Real Word” classification done is either via our automated classification which can take 7-10 days after the name goes live, or by requesting it via support team. If you do not see the classification updated after 7-10 days, please share the information via chat or email with our support team. If you receive any other answer from the support team, that is likely a training issue with a certain individual in our support team which we need to fix.

The name must be a real english word. If the word is from a foreign language, we may or may not accept it in the Real Word category, depending upon the popularity of the language and the specific word.

When buyers click on this category, we want them to see only Real Word names. The previous method of allowing sellers to select this classification led to several issues with incorrect classifications, which is why we no longer allow sellers to select this specific classification themselves.


Thanks for the answer. I completely agree that this process will be streamlined and the customer can find the real word at last. I will take your advice and refer to the blue button many times if need be. The question was, which dictionaries can be referenced to confirm the correctness of the fact that my domain is worthy of inclusion in the Real Word section.

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You can use any well known online dictionaries such as or to check the word. As long as it is not from Urban Dictionary, we will consider it :slight_smile: