Social media handles in profiles

hey y’all! i haven’t been on in a hot minute. are we allowed to put out social media handles in our profile bio? saw a couple and just wanted to check. thought the name of the game was anonymity but i’m not sure it’s totally necessary.

thanks! : )


I’m not a fan of seeing a creative put their personal instagram account in their profile. It seems self promoting and will take a buyer off track to look at the creatives page e.t.c away from SH. The CH can personally DM the creative through their personal instagram account and again promotes a conflict of interest where further information about a contest could be gained. It appears unprofessional in my opinion to the SH platform. Isn’t the mystery of the creatives part of the unique selling point of SH.


It doesn’t bother me. Limiting what we have in our bio just seems silly. If someone really wanted to find me, what’s stopping them from searching my name, username, or reverse image searching my profile picture? It’s the equivalent of saying we shouldn’t have a bio, all usernames should be anon, and we shouldn’t have profile pictures. Just my thoughts.


You’re absolutely right :grinning:
Links to social media make no sense at all. Eerie … Anyway :neutral_face:


I agree 100 %. 20 characters.


Totally agree. jujhgt56


I am not sure why they allow all those when they do not allow people to communicate. I had been suspended once for putting my email address in a message to another creative. Very contradictive.


This is from SH rules on messaging:

  • Cannot share personal information: You are not allowed to share personal information such as email address or phone numbers using private messaging.

I know a creative who was asked by a CH ( After that same CH awarded him /her the contest prize) to write a text for his future blog. He/She had the decency to ask SH for “permission” . SH denied even though it does not provide those services.
So…NO, I don’t thin k links to social media should be allowed.
Are we all equal? Or some are more “equal”?
Should we all start linking our social media profiles ? Just a thought… :smirk:


Makes perfect sense…
Anyway, what does a CH care about our lifes? If not to contact us outside SH, why bother? I believe not all people are stalkers. I for one, could care less about a creative’s life. I can imagine a CH cares even less.
But, maybe you have a point there… let’s all do the same!


I checked…our profile lets us put our Twitter handle in but that’s the only one I see -oops, corrrection, linkedIn is there, too. Either way, I want that Twitter handle in my profile because that is where I market all of my marketplace names and because I have to use two different names, I want people to know they found the right one. I hope it will not be stopped. I am in favor of providing our social media handles if we see a purpose for doing so.


I agree- honestly the more you’re able to market yourself the better.
I would hate to see it banned, and then you lose the opportunity to make more sales.

Plus I feel like it makes us more personable? Like hey I’m not a robot. I genuinely care about being on here. Here’s my life.


Some have two Instagrams linked, one in the forum and one on their creative profile. It’s a bit much. I see why Commulinks wants to have Twitter handles included for domain marketing purposes; that doesn’t really bother me but the other stuff seems a little desperate. We are supposed to be giving CHs names, not sharing our life story. BUT Squadhelp has never stopped it before, so it will probably continue.


It’s nice to hear that I’m desperate. It is what it is I guess.

this post is to determine if it’s allowed. that’s all. if someone takes advantage of an open bio with no limitations that’s not on them. i just want to know if it’s allowed. clearly as it stands it is.

if the site wants customers to potentially cross the anonymity barrier then okay. i see some potential issues with it though.

one picture is not the same as seeing someone’s intimate personal life, potentially having private off site conversation, feeling for someone’s struggle. this (could) be that kind of site but it hasn’t been historically and i think there are valid reasons for that.

so was curious if it had been discussed. thanks for everyone’s feedback.


Sorry ScoutFinch- my shnargle-ness wasn’t directed at you.

Just the desperate note was a bit of a trigger.
As some creative(s) have - “help me win a contest or two” literally in their profile.

I just don’t see CHs dropping a thousand just because someone has a “touching” profile or bio.


Maybe SH and Grant can have a look at this when they have time, to clarify what we are allowed to share? So we are all on the same page. I was not aware we are not allowed to talk to each other( we the creatives) outside the forum? Really we can’t chat outside this forum?


@grant Are we now allowed to share emails with other creatives? Or should we just add our linked-In, Facebook and other social medias on the site? Clarification please.



Our policy on this aspect has not changed. We allow adding social media links on your profile pages and we also encourage using your real picture for the Avatar. This allows us to maintain a “human” aspect in our platform. However we absolutely understand that some creatives are not comfortable using their real image or including their social media profiles, and we respect their right to privacy.

The following activities are not allowed and will likely lead to account suspension:

  • Sharing your email address with any other users of the platform
  • Proactively inviting other users (including CHs) to an external website or platform
  • Private messaging the CH in any way that will give you an unfair advantage over other creatives

In short, passive social media links are allowed in the profile page however any active communication or sharing links that violate our messaging policy is not allowed.


So sharing emails is not ok since it’s not a “media”. Sorry, I am not sure what “passive Social Media” is. Is LinkedIn ok? Is Facebook ok? Obviously twitter is ok. Is Instagram ok?