So non-guaranteed contests - am I missing something

the ch seems to pay virtually the same amount as a guaranteed contest but all the money goes to squad help instead of being split…Im not seeing the benefit to the CH

No, I think in this case if CH are not satisfied with the names, they can ask for refund and get back the major part of the money they paid. And not that much is left for SH for listing the contest.

sh get $ 199 for a gold package making it the same as the bronze package that the ch would pay in total …

so they pay the same total price for both services if they decide to not pay us

I think it’s fair. If we did not come up with a name that would please the CH, we did not earn those money.
And SH did all they had to do on their part (paper work, technical work, communication with client, providing a platform to hold a contest etc.) so they earned it. And we always have a right not to participate in not guaranteed contests if we don’t want to.

true - its odd to guarantee more entries on a non-guaranteed contest though, I would think they get less

@jose maybe just less quality entries

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