So ive come to the conclusion that

…rating has nothing to do with the sh liking anything any more.It seems to be more about organizing their list.

It seems to be the trend going from I like it to nah in one easy stroke.

with that in mind maybe we should just get points for actually winning a contest and nothing else matters


One or two downgrades would not be too bad but when the whole lot go to a nah it gets my goat- its difficult to believe they were all suddenly hated, from pole position to lowest of the low in half an hour


CHs are not usually single persons, CHs can also be their offsprings, for a time. :wink:

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@Jose. I think what we might be seeing is that the new ratings system turns the focus to CH’s “subjective feelings” versus a familiar 5-star rating system being a bit more “inclusive” of the objective quality of an entry? ie., I think we naturally say “that’s a one star, that’s a three star, or that’s a 5 star”, with a bit more objectivity versus “Like it” or “Nah”? Maybe a little more subjective decisiveness? Not sure how that will affect things? I am sure SH will have some statistical data sooner than later…


I have voiced the same feeling.This new “nah” system seems more of a sort file for their convenience than a subjective rating tool. I have never gotten so many rejections since I first started naming.

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I didn’t notice any significant difference in the ratings I receive. I wonder, if CH want’s to hide some entries from their list, rating them as “nah” is the only option? If so, might be, that they are rating some entries “nah” just for that reason. If both “nah” and “on right track” would hide entries while “like it” and “love it” would keep them visible maybe that would help? Or maybe not. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

ah @Jose you’re so aggressive, i hope you’re get more coffee in this month. :innocent:

I wish there was more logic to it - usually you go from love to like rather than hate, unless its marriage


Just noticed a contest was just won using one of the words the CH prohibited us from using on their list.Hmmm.


The winning name would be PIN which does not have patient

Hmmm.But they say it stands for Patient Insight Network.

The CH can choose whatever name they like, of course…it’s their dime.But it just seems weird to me to ask everyone not to include the word patient in the name…then that’s what they pick.

But this won’t be the first or last time I’m puzzled by what a CH does…lol!

Every win is a triumph for us…so congrats to them!

There was a comp a while back that insisted they did not what the word fashion/style etc in the name/domain. Well I believe there was only one 5 star name throughout the whole competition, and it won - lo and behold, it had fashion as one of it’s two words. It’s like you either go against what they ask at the risk of receiving low ratings, or luck out like some people do. I am too much of a rule follower, lol :smile:


at one time it seemed the majority of winning names didnt follow what was asked for ie either wrong number of words, wrong length of words, words used that we were asked not to use,sophisticated name and gooblidobedoo wins etc etc …its quite annoying to us rule followers


Rules are meant to be … :wink:

On the subject of whether a new rating system can still master the test of objectivity (by not losing its stakes to a more subjective valuation), we need to run a comparison study between the old and the new rating system:


‘‘1 Star (Now Omitted): Contestant didn’t follow the rules as outlined in the contest brief.)
2 Stars: Contestant followed the brief, but the submission is not a good fit at all
3 Stars: Contestant is on the right track but I neither love nor hate this entry
4 Stars: Could be what I’m looking for. Overall, a very good entry
5 Stars: Love this entry and it could be one of the winners’’

And After:

‘‘Orange 2 Star: Nah: This submission is not a good fit
Yellow 3 Star:On Right Track:Contestant is on the right track but I neither love nor hate this entry
Light Green 4 Star: Like it: Could be what I’m looking for. Overall, a very good entry
Dark Green 5 Star: Love it: Love this entry and it could be one of the winners’’

As one can see, the change affected the numerical representational aspect (with entries being represented by colors), but the values (apart from a redundancy of a 1 star rating) signified by the color palette/semantic signs are still the same.

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I totally get your point/comparison. My biggest issue was the verbage and color (now improved) and the fact that I feel more CH’s are using the nah button for a convenient way for them to sort entries, instead of fully considering them. I may be wrong…but at least as far as the contests I’ve been doing, seems there are alot of contests where over 90% of all the names get rejected.You may have like only 5-10 names that even get an ok or above.I don’t feel like that was the case so rampantly before. I guess it will all play out. Good point though,Vision

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@hollygirl It happens to the best of us. I think I see some good namers that haven’t won in a while (think months), they are still at it, still persevering, still can be seen getting the 5s and the 4s (I mean Lovies and Likies :slight_smile: ).

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@Vision I agree still the same. Something else is still the same. Creativity is still irrational :wink:


I was looking thru word lists as I am always trying (like probably most of us) to add new words and thoughts to my arsenal…and I came across the word cacology. (It sounds like the study of chicken sounds,huh?) It actually means a bad choice of words. I think I have had that disorder lately! lol!