Smart Alert Feature

Is there a way on the SAF to filter out the logo/ indenity contest? I don’t do logos, so when the smart alert pops up with x amount of contest I’ve not participated in is numerous. Can I set a filter to only caluate for naming/ tagline interests only? Thanks.


We will work on this. Good idea :slight_smile:


Hi Grant. .any progress concerning the filter on the new smart alert feature? Just checking up. Thanks!

It’s in the queue, but will probably still take some time at this point.

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I noticed this feature is active now. Thank you, it’s very helpful.! :slight_smile:

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Thanks…imma check it out!

I just signed up but cannot see the smart alert feature in order to connect to PayPal. Please guide me to the right tab. Thanks

Hi @Bar_Mitee
With the change in dashboard…I don’t see it unless I get on my tablet/ pc.Im still trying to navigate the new lay out.You may try sending a message to admins.,via bluebutton in the lower right corner.Welcome to the platform.