Slow Response and Lack of Ratings

I oftentimes see contestants asking for ratings so that they can know if they are headed in the right direction.
I really appreciate the contest holders who stay on top of the game. I know they seem bombarded with entries but I have seen instances where the ratio of entries to entries actually rated as unacceptable. I think the contestant holder must realize that we are casual professional who are also offering a service and trying to give them the best.


@brim4peace, Your concern is valid, and we are working on several new features and communication tools to ensure higher level of engagement from contest holders. Please check the other threads and share any additional feedback you might have to further improve CH engagement.

@Dan I posted a reply about a more detailed rating system on another thread the current ratings brief in section 3.1 of help section are too vague


@seezall, you are correct and thanks for sharing your suggestion. We will be using that as an input in updating our help section for ratings. We will also be adding a more explicit tooltip when the contest holder tries to rate any entry.

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Cool so when they hover over ratings 1 star might say didn’t follow brief etc… good system

I also appreciate CHs who stay on top of the game. I also feel that we, as contestants, have to be fair about demanding ratings too quickly. There’s a new contest that hasn’t appeared in my e-mail yet, and already a contestant is asking for ratings. After a day or two, fine, but I think we ought to give the CHs some time, especially if they need to run ideas by a committee, are in a different time zone, etc.


@auntshommy; I couldn’t agree more, unless the ch has a history of not rating in previous contests. In such cases, who knows a polite nudge may be all it takes. One can only hope…

Here’s another issue that may have been mentioned before: Rating once the contest is over. Giving us a long line of 2s after the fact doesn’t benefit the contestants or the CH. The one thing it accomplishes is lowering our rating percentage. I just got so many 2s in the closed laundry contest that they more than offset any high ratings I might be getting elsewhere. Could there be a cutoff time for low ratings? I don’t mind contestants getting 3s, 4s, or 5s after a contest closes. I see no need for 1s and 2s at that point. Thanks.


Excellent point. Plus more characters.

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CHs should rate suggestions as and when posted. It has been noted the initial suggestions are not rated. Should we consider the contest biased.