Site connection issues


Over the last couple of days (including just now), I have been having trouble connecting to Squadhelp. I am posting just in case SH doesn’t know. It does come back, but it takes time. Anyone else or is it just me for some reason?


@Commulinks Yes. I got the exact same connection issue thrice over the last two days.


Thanks for responding, Nick. I never can be sure if it is me or not… I live in a very rural area with substandard internet.


I got it earlier today as well, and I’ve been having weird glitchy problems with the marketplace dashboard.


I got that issue, too, for the past two days! Maybe a glitch or they are working on something, just a guess.


I had the same thing on my IPhone, but not on my laptop.Go figure!


I’ve also had several issues as those posed here the past several days. This is via mobile and the PC using chrome browser. I tried to actually reach out via BB earlier and actually had it occur as I tried. It does seem to take a bit to come back, and the usual song and dance of clearing cache and all of that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Hopefully SH or @grant will see this because if I can’t seem to be able to BB it before it happens, I’m sure several of you are having the same issue.


Yes, I have also! And on my phone, getting on the website has also changed! The last 2 days the site has changed and isn’t giving me an option to log in until I “search” log in then it’s fine.