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DISCLAIMER: Yesterday 6/27/18 via chat, where I first turned directly and privately several days earlier, SH Team gave permission and encouragement to share on the forum the following issues. My browser is Chrome; the operating system Win10.

  1. Not quite a week ago, an hour or few after a contest close, I was editing an entry description to use elsewhere when a domain on the page tagged itself registered; however, GoDaddy WhoIs showed the domain still available.

  2. A few days later I stumbled upon one of my Not Approved-for-Marketplace domains being sold at a BIN price on SH Marketplace. It is one of the domains on this uploaded link shortened by Google services: If the link won’t click open in this post you can cut-and-paste it into a browser window and it should open as long as it is in SH records for me.

  3. Opening the rejected domain BIN Sale Page showed my keywords deleted in favor of a single keyword, “Made Up,” a choice absent from our submission forms.

  4. Searching for this domain on SH did not bring it up on my computer.

  5. And preparing to take a screenshot of this domain in the rejected list on the Marketplace & Owned Domains page made appear below the name as if by magic, the same selling price as on the Marketplace Sales Pages, and an "Expected Commission” for this rejected name and many other rejected names, as well: And without stating commission percentages I must say the expected commissions for these rejected domains are generous relative to those for my similarly-priced, approved-for-Marketplace domains, just over double.

  6. Screenshotting my Rejected Domains list is unduly difficult for the first half of the list and impossible for the latter half.


On reporting these issues privately and directly I expected 1) acknowledgment of how this must look on my end; 2) reassurance that these issues would be both corrected and looked into; 3) that the false domain registration tag in SH system would be removed; 4) that the “Rejected” Marketplace status for the name being sold on Marketplace would be changed to “Approved” and the domain transferred into my little group of Marketplace domains. 5) I also expected reassurance that the Tech Team would sooner or later program a way for us to screenshot our entire Marketplace rejected domains list; and 6) I expected reasonable explanations of how these programming issues, most of which I consider serious, could be happening.


Within the day I heard back on chat that all evidence of the first 2 issues are now deleted from SH system, and that they and the other issues are “glitches” of no concern. Specifically 1) the domain falsely tagged “registered” is untagged; and 2) all Marketplace Sales Pages for the “rejected” domain are now deleted. 3) No response yet to the inability to take screenshots of just over half the rejected domains list; and 4) no explanation of the rejected domains selling prices and expected commissions that show when taking a screenshot of the rejected domains list. And 5) creating a name in a contest now brings up an error message telling me I can enter only domains I’ve paid to register. When I reported this last on chat, the answer was that this is not an error but an account restriction until further notice because, “It is clear from your messages that you do not trust the functioning or integrity of our platform.”

And so, I celebrated my June 26, 2018, 3-month anniversary as a CR Namer on SH, indefinitely unable to further participate in SH naming contests.

Perhaps other CRs have experienced similar site issues and could share with me some tips and viewpoints. Either way, I am hoping the community can at least enlighten me as to how these programming issues, which I still consider serious, can happen unintentionally. Also, I’ll appreciate if anyone can share alternative perspectives to mine of the account restriction in consequence of first reporting these issues directly and privately and asking that they be investigated.

Which so far, except for technical corrections, I am assured will not be done.

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The only input I have is regarding #5 on your list: When I submit a domain for approval, it always displays under pending with a price and expected commission that is not accurate. It’s a holdover from the old commission structure, I think. On my phone, When I pull up the list of rejected entries, those numbers still show, which obviously is not accurate. So maybe that’s the same thing you’re talking about. As far as all the rest, I have no idea.

No offence meant but posting this here is not going to help you in the slightest.

  1. Members can’t fix bug issues.
  2. You are taking this far too personally, SH are not out to get you.
  3. You blew up at SH instead of working with them.

We’ve all had some issues with names getting rejected then appearing in the marketplace under someone elses name (I’ve got 3!). These are glitches, exactly as SH told you. The marketplace is still reasonably new and, as far as I’ve seen, every glitch that comes up and gets reported, gets fixed. We just have to work with them until every glitch is found and fixed. SH have recently implemented a system that stops creatives submitting a name if it has been submitted by someone else which will stop a lot of these issues, unfortunately some the older submitted names (from before the new system) probably don’t fall into that catch all.

I can answer some of your questions and demands:


1). This is not a SH glitch, this is an API glitch. I don’t know who SH uses to check for registered domains but obviously there was in issue that caused a free to domain to show up as taken. It would have sorted itself out eventually. SH told you it was a glitch.

2,3,4,5). I’m sorry about that. As I said, I’ve got 3 and other people have reported the same. You need to report this to SH to help them identify why it happened so they can stop this happening.


  1. I acknowledge this looks like a glitch that needs fixing.
  2. If you had reported it as an issue they would have information to help them stop it happening in the future.
  3. SH system did exactly what it was told by the API, and that was to mark the domain as taken. You would need to take this up with whichever registrar SH uses to check domain registrations.
  4. Someone else here probably owns this domain now. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.
  5. If resources allow, I’m sure this is on their to do list.
  6. Programming issues happen, and will continue to happen, not just here, but every interactive website.

I realize this sounds harsher than I meant it to, that’s the written word for you. You must realize too that SH is a little company doing what they can to help people find their perfect name and provide creatives a way to earn some cash. Programming errors are going to arise, human errors are going to happen, glitches are going to glitch!

My best advice now would be to go back to SH and apologize for not understanding that issues happen and hope you get your privileges back.


@Maven - We apologize for any inconvenience or anxiety that this situation may have caused for you.

While the Marketplace is now out of it’s Beta stage and a strong component of the Squadhelp Platform, still our focus is to make rapid updates so we can quickly add more features and incorporate as much feedback from Creatives as possible. Since we move at a rapid pace, sometimes glitches or display issues arise. We do our best to resolve these issues as soon as possible once they are reported.

Even though the content of your post violates our Forum policy, we will not ask you to remove it because your messages to the support team imply that these issues are somehow being covered up by SH.

As explained by our team, we had a temporary glitch in our system which caused your name to be visible in some sections of the site, even though it was rejected from Marketplace. As far as we are aware, this issue was promptly handled by our Customer Service and Technology team after it was reported. Unfortunately, you have continued to suggest that SH or someone from SH is listing your unregistered domains on the SH Marketplace in order to sell them without your knowledge. Our team also explained to you that unregistered domains can not be sold for premium price on any marketplace. If a buyer likes an unregistered domain - they will simply go to a website such as GoDaddy and register it for $10 instead of paying a premium price of $999. Infact, what we have seen from our winners page is that good domains get registered within a few hours of being displayed if they are still available. This is why we decided to stop showing unregistered domains on the winners page as well.

We will also look into the other issues regarding selling prices and expected commission. And if there is trouble using an in-browser screenshot tool, you can also try a desktop app like Snipping Tool.

Our community-driven platform is built upon trust and integrity. We work hard to always be open and transparent with our policies and shortcomings (e.g. website glitches). We also understand how some of these glitches can lead to frustration, and we will continue to do our best to minimize them and resolve them as rapidly as possible once they are reported.


You asked for input from fellow creatives so I am going to respond. First, I agree wholeheartedly with Able but I have not had the issues you describe.

But I do want to say something to you and to other new creatives on SH. I’ve been here a while now (over 2 years). When I started here, I came into SH with an immediate sense of mistrust, worried that I made a dumb mistake and that I was going to be taken by a scam. Truly, I worried about that. I knew nothing about SH and I took a chance and I thought I would get egg on my face. I believe a LOT of people feel that way, just in general. It has nothing to do with SH, it’s the world we live in! So when I started here, I was critical, too. Quite critical in fact. (There’s some honesty for you).

But nothing could have been further from the truth. SH has proven itself trustworthy in spades over all this time I have been here. They respond to everything, like Grant just did, with dignity and diplomacy. If there’s a problem, they fix it. If there’s a great idea offered, they try it. (The marketplace is the perfect case in point).

So for you, Maven, I will say that I understand that you’ve come into this just like everyone…skeptical. So you are seeing something there that is not how SH operates. In time, if you are able to continue to participate in contests, etc, you will see that what I am saying is true. SH is not here to “take” you. They are a company that built a great crowdsourcing platform and MANY of us have tried others and stayed here instead. We are in this together with SH.

Thanks @Grant for always responding like you did this time. I do think it is important for new creatives to learn from us older folks so I am very glad you let the post stand.


Abel, thank you for your answer, and I do not feel SH is out to get me.

Did you read my original post Disclaimer?

A stated, I have reported these issues directly and privately to SH via chat. And please know we’ve spent more than a private week on them so far.

At first I could not fathom why you felt I owed SH an apology.Then I read Grant’s posted reply and understood your POV. If your advice to me to apologize to SH is based on Grant’s accusation against me above, I submit Grant’s post misrepresents me. Grant was not part of the chat he refers to, although I asked for him. In going over the chat after the fact, either Grant inferred something I did not intend, or in lieu of reading my actual words, Grant is relying on summaries by the SH chat rep or reps who were part of the chat.

Regarding your advice to take up the false registration tag SH had on the available domain with the registrar SH uses to check domain registrations, from the forums I’ve learned SH uses GoDaddy. And when I checked GoDaddy WhoIs it showed the domain available. Which is how I was able to report with proof the discrepancy to SH immediately via chat.

Actually, Clinks, I was trusting SH completely.

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Thanks, Daisy. This is helpful and the kind of FB I’m looking for.

It is so simple for you to have said that it is a wonder to me why SH did not tell me this privately. Also in this thread Grant has posted SH will look into these price and commission discrepancies, which I appreciate.


With all due respect I submit you are putting words in my mouth and thoughts in my head when you write above, “Unfortunately, you have continued to suggest that SH or someone from SH is listing your unregistered domains on the SH Marketplace in order to sell them without your knowledge.”

What you are quoting almost or entirely verbatim is an unfounded accusation to me by a SH chat team member.

And I state here that never had I thought that!

You have my open permission, Grant, to quote here my actual words from the chat that give that erroneous impression; in fact, I invite you as you have made this accusation against me here in the public forum.

Please quote me in context with the relevant parts of the chat I am replying to as it makes a difference.

This will give me the opportunity to clarify myself publicly and clear up any misunderstanding you may have inferred from my side of the chat, which until now I thought private between myself and SH.

Thank you, Grant; I appreciate that SH will look into these issues.

And regarding another site issue you mentioned, that of being unable to take a screenshot of the last half of the Rejected-for-Marketplace domains list, there is no trouble using Chrome’s in-browser screenshot tool. It is another SH programming issue that I reported in some detail on the chat and hope will be addressed.

I think this should be taken back to private conversations. We don’t need all the details of this.


Jackie, I for one certainly am open to that for the parts that affect only me.

Grant, you wrote, “Our team also explained to you that unregistered domains cannot be sold for premium price on any marketplace. If a buyer likes an unregistered domain - they will simply go to a website such as GoDaddy and register it for $10 instead of paying a premium price of $999.”

This reply feels so like a red herring because when someone sees a name for sale on a marketplace, as was my rejected-for-SH-Marketplace then-unregistered domain that was, prior to my reporting it, in fact listed for sale on SH Marketplace for a Buy-It-Now price, the potential buyer assumes the name to be registered.

In the past I, myself, have bought names on and off domain marketplaces and not once checked if a name advertised for sale on a marketplace is available elsewhere for only the registration fee. And surely I’m not alone in this. Your implication that a SH Marketplace customer would do differently suggests an EXTREME AND UNUSUAL mistrust of SH on their part and in this I believe you are mistaken, as is the SH chat team member who first suggested it.

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I did read your disclaimer. It implies that you have discussed this directly with SH, were not happy with the answers so came here. As I said, we can’t help you.

All I’m seeing your inability to accept that a glitch (a name marked as taken when it wasn’t) and a human error (one of your rejections on the marketplace) can happen.

Seriously, what more can they do? They made a mistake and they’ve apologized. This is a partnership, they’ve made mistakes with me, I’ve made mistakes with them, we’ve worked it out, I’m sure lots of people here can say the same. Making a public list of demands (labelled as “expectations”) and disregarding the apology made here publicly by grant is not conducive to you or us.

I will not be responding to any further of your issues in this thread, because members can’t help you.

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Wow! Abel, thank you for sharing that. And I am wondering how you are able to track such a thing.

How, please? If you would be so kind as to let us know.

It is not what happened to me, but again, thank you for sharing that it has happened to you and to others.

Multiple times in your case.

A few weeks or so back, talking in chat about names, an SH Team member told me that once a name is rejected for being sold on Marketplace it cannot be resubmitted for consideration.

To be clear, according to SH Team via chat, the Marketplace system is currently so programmed that once a name is rejected as not good enough to be sold on Marketplace it cannot ever be resubmitted by anyone for reconsideration.

So I would say that names getting rejected then appearing in the marketplace under someone else’s name, as you write has happened multiple times to you and to others, is another SH site programming glitch that definitely needs correction.

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Stop looking to cause trouble where there isn’t any.


How do you track when your names rejected for the marketplace appear under someone else’s name?

In my 3 months of being privileged to participate in SH contests as a CR Namer, SH Team and the CR community earned a place in my heart. And SH has been financially good for me; I won 5 contests. So I certainly do hope to be reinstated as an SH CR Namer!

Thank you, Abel, for sharing your perspective on how the original post comes across to you; I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I am not always the most tactful.

Regarding your Q, “What else can SH do?” IMHO, as well as correcting one-by-one repeat issues penalizing CRs financially and looking only among the CR community for misdoings, SH can look internally, too, into how such repeat issues can continue to keep happening.

Regarding the “Expectations” section of my original post, which sounds like a list of demands to you, including it is part of Darpan Dan’s specific directions when submitting bugs to the forums:

"Report any site issues and bugs you’re experiencing so that we, as well as other community members can help you. Please post any issues related to the website. …Please include:

• Your browser and operating system
• A detailed description of what is wrong and what you expect to happen
• Any error messages that may have appeared
• Any appropriate screenshots (hide any personal information if necessary)"

Because of the nature of the main issue, I went directly and privately to SH via chat instead. When after nearly a week of discussion and finally getting my SH account as a CR Namer indefinitely suspended, then expressing regret for not going to the Site Bugs & Issues forum rather than keeping things private in chat, an SH Team member wrote, “If you believe you prefer to share this issue in the discussion forum, please feel free to do so.”

So I thanked them for that permission and did so. And I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve learned that my site issues are not isolated instances and that even more egregious glitches have been happening to CRs.

I’ve read of no egregious issues happening to creatives in this string, Maven. The issue of names being in the marketplace under another creative is a past and fixed issue… because it was about more than one creative subbing the same name. Nobody else here in this string has reported anything new. Using the word “egregious” to describe glitches is really harsh and not at all a fair representation of anything anyone has said here. I don’t understand why you cannot see that you are off base here but seriously, this needs to stop.

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Well Said… I had a WINNING name from a contest and it was displayed on the recent winners page. Come to find out I received notification from SH about resolving it. I obviously did not register the name but someone out there saw it before the contest holder registered it here it is… So also click on this persons list of domains for sale. I submitted it in all caps and it was registered that way, all of the others on his list is not listed that way… so leads me to think. I think it is great that SH took the steps to lock down the process of displaying winning names. It happened to me SH was quick to remedy the issue for the CH .

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