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My message when receiving a LOVE IT notification, has not worked in almost two months now. I have reported it twice in that time, no reply after the initial “we’ll check on it and get back to you from sh.” Anyone else having the same problem??? Thanks.

Also, My Overall Contest Wins Percentage dropped from 94 to 85% in one day. Talking about wins vs. contests participated in. ???


DISCLAIMER: Yesterday 6/27/18 via chat, where I first turned directly and privately, permission was given me to share on the forums the following issues. My browser is Chrome; the operating system Win10.

  1. Several days ago, an hour or few after a contest close, I was editing an entry description to use elsewhere when a domain on the page tagged itself registered; however, GoDaddy WhoIs showed the domain still available.

  2. Not quite a week later I stumbled upon one of my Not Approved-for-Marketplace domains being sold at a BIN price on SH Marketplace. It is one of the domains on this uploaded link shortened by Google services: If the link won’t click open in this post you can cut-and-paste it into a browser window and it should open as long as it is in SH records for me.

  3. Opening the rejected domain BIN Sale Page showed my keywords deleted in favor of a single keyword, “Made Up,” a choice absent from our submission-forms.

  4. Searching for this domain on SH did not bring it up on my computer.

  5. And preparing to take a screenshot of this domain in the rejected list on the Marketplace & Owned Domains page made appear below it as if by magic, the same price as on Marketplace Sales Pages, and an "Expected Commission” for this rejected name and many other name rejects, as well. And without revealing commission percentages I must say the expected commissions for these rejected domains are generous relative to those for my similarly-priced, approved-for-Marketplace domains, just over double.

  6. Screenshotting my Rejected Domains list is unduly difficult for the first half the list and impossible for the latter half.


On blue-buttoning these programming issues privately and directly I expected 1) acknowledgment of how this must look on my end; 2) reassurance that these issues would be both corrected and looked into; 3) that the false domain registration tag in SH system would be removed; 4) that the “Rejected” Marketplace status for the name being sold on Marketplace would be changed to “Approved” and the domain transferred into my little group of Marketplace domains. 5) I also expected reassurance that the Tech Team would sooner or later program a way for us to screenshot our entire Marketplace rejected domains list; and 6) I expected reasonable explanations of how these programming issues, most of which I consider serious, could be happening.


Within the day I heard back on chat that all evidence of the first 2 issues are now deleted from SH system, and that they and the other issues are “glitches” of no concern. Specifically 1) the domain falsely tagged “registered” is untagged; and 2) all Marketplace Sale Pages for the “rejected” domain are now deleted. 3) No response yet to the inability to take sceenshots of the rejected domains list; and 4) no explanation of the rejected domains sale prices and expected commissions that show when taking a screenshot. And 5) creating a name in a contest now brings up an error message telling me I can enter only domains I’ve paid to register. When I reported this last on chat, the answer was that this is not an error but an indefinite account restriction because, “It is clear from your messages that you do not trust the functioning or integrity of our platform.”

And so, I celebrated my June 26, 2018, 3-month anniversary as a CR Namer on SH, indefinitely unable to further participate in SH naming contests.

Perhaps other CRs have experienced similar site issues and could share with me some tips. Either way, I am hoping someone in the community can at least enlighten me as to how these programming issues, which I still consider serious, can happen. Also, I’ll appreciate if anyone can share alternative perspectives of the account restriction consequences of first reporting these issues directly and privately and asking that they be investigated.

Which so far I am assured will not be done.

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