Simple Question About MARKET PLACE


Does SH still use the ALOGS for identifying names out of our PERSONAL SUGGESTED portfolios for names for the market place… IE In example SH would provide a tick underneath a name suitable for the market place… Is that still in effect… if so could it be brought back…My reasoning is now that we all have had time to see how the market place works and all of the changes maybe re-VISITING this idea may increase quality submissions. AGAIN … I have no clue how this all works just piping in with some ideas. THANK YO :slight_smile:


We do have a process for reviewing some contest entries and providing Marketplace pre-approval for select name.


AWESOME Thank you for responding :slight_smile:


I’m just wondering why an unregistered name i submitted to Squadhelp for the Marketplace was denied, then purchased by SquadHelp.


Why can’t I find my marketplace commissions amount anymore. Where did this move to?
I see the names and selling prices, but my amount of commissions is gone. I haven’t looked in a while, but it should still be somewhere, right?


@jackieheraty I can still see my estimated commission under my marketplace listings, it’s in the far right column when I view it on my desktop, and at the very bottom under each name on my mobile (after clicking the plus sign). Is yours displaying differently?


@ALDaisy1 I might be blind, but I don’t see them.

Is this where yours are showing?


@jackieheraty, yes, but mine has a column that isn’t showing in your screenshot. Idk, maybe some kind of glitch? Did clicking that blue plus sign by the name not open any additional info?


Thanks @ALDaisy1 The plus sign didn’t provide anything new. I will blue button since it appears to be just me. Thank you!!!


Happened with few of my entries too. I wonder if it’s appropriate or not.


There’s two ways that can happen that I can think of: 1) If someone else subbed the name for the marketplace just ahead of you in line and it was approved for the other creative. 2) Similarly, if another creative subbed that name long ago but it was rejected, perhaps SH went back to them to approve it and the creative accepted. SH does get a lot of names that are the same because creatives often think alike and we have been subbing names for about 2 years now. You should blue button SH to ask about it. I do doubt there is anything shady about it. SH is pretty honest when it comes to all of this stuff.


Or another creative subbed it, had it rejected and requested a review under the 5 a month rule and had it approved the next time around.


@cindyhart1969, @Nick SH does not register any domains unless they are approved in Marketplace and the commission rate is accepted by the creative.

We try to limit the instances where the same name can be submitted to the marketplace by multiple creatives but it can happen in some situations (some of the examples are shared above by @Commulinks and @AbleBrands). It is also possible that the name is registered by another creative or seller - in that case they are allowed to submit that name to the marketplace even if it was previously rejected.


If there is not enough width on the screen, some of the columns fold under the plus sign - and are only visible when you click on it. Can you share a screenshot of your screen with the support team (where the plus sign is open) and we will investigate it further.


Thanks @grant – It is working now. Plus sign opened and the commission is listed below the line. Strange because it was always at the end of the row. But I can see it now.