"Shuffle uses" A new feature for more visibility

Hello everyone,

I’ve been off for a while and I just came back to domaining, Had a number of premium approved domains that I just began listing them one by one and I got this idea.

Most of the domains are non-keyword based, Brand-able, You can say made up domains with no specific use, So they can almost fit any business. And a big number of SH marketplace names falls into the same category. I’m talking about domain names with an adaptable nature, Names that can fit almost any category.

Probably many of us suffer in categorizing those names, So we just go into repetitive possible uses which may limit the visibility for many of our domains. Why?

Surely a lot of end-users search for their wanted domain names by category, Specifically end-users that doesn’t know what they are looking for yet.

So if you have a lot of domain names with repetitive possible uses, They may not be seen by end users who are searching in other categories.

What do I suggest?

“Shuffle uses” an easily doable feature with the full list of categories that we can choose from.

For example, I can select 50 possible uses to shuffle for 20 domain names that I choose. So my portfolio will be present in all wanted categories which means higher visibility and more sales.

This feature can eliminate the manual work especially for big portfolios and also make it easy for you when you want to change/try other categories.


Interesting idea. I highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing it @NamesMan

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