SH's TLD tracker alert is awesome!

Wow, I was only vaguely aware of SH’s new(ish) feature of alerting you when an alternate TLD is registered for one of your SH listed domains. I have a 5 character dot com listed on SH, and I’ve just received an alert from SH that additional TLDs have just been registered. I wouldn’t have actively been checking, so I’m really pleased to get this info. The email from SH also suggests checking the current pricing and ensuring this is up to date. Very cool @grant, thank you!


Hi @canswift Can you explain to me about TLD’s and is it a good thing when an alternative TLD is registered on one of your SH listed domains? I am unsure about this and I am hoping you can enlighten me.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Happy to explain @exceptionaldeb . “TLD” means a Top Level Domain, and refers to registrations like .com, .net, .org and a whole range of others including the major country ones like, .de and .ca. If your listed domain is registered in dot com and then someone else registers (as example) the .net or any other Top Level Domains, then this shows an interest in that name. Many companies/people will register an alternate to a dot com at the start of a venture, especially if the dot com is taken and budget is an issue. However, as a business (hopefully) becomes more successful then it can be difficult if they don’t own the dot com. It’s at that point you hope they can overcome budget issues and buy your dot com!


@canswift Thank you so much for that explanation. Now I understand and feel better for my SH listed domains with alternative TLD’s. Awww…feels great to understand this now :grinning:


I have one with 8 (eight, I did not write the wrong number) TLDs taken. Listed for basic price. Should I up the price?

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Squadhelp domains are usually handpicked. This means they are brand new names for new startups to start their journey with these names, and they will not face any trademark issue. So if a domain name is taken in many extensions, how and why is it good for a brandable domain? While this is a means of exacerbating trademark issues.

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