Shout Out To Grant And The Team!

Just was thinking how nice it is to have a company that listens to the creatives and takes what they say into consideration, and tries to make changes to improve the site and the naming experience for both CH’s and Creatives.

It’s nice to know we can express our concerns or ideas and have them considered,and have a voice. It’s also nice that if we have a concern,question or problem… we can take them to Janice and Deni and the gang…and either have it clarified,fixed or answered.We’re not just left hanging in space, trying to muddle through it ourselves. So big kudos to you guys…and thanks tons!


I agree they are better than most but they do sometimes shut people with a genuine complaint down quite rapidly.Quite embarrassing when its someone you sent to the site from where you work

Thanks @hollygirl for your feedback!

@BillWarburton, sorry to hear that you feel this way. Our goal is to be respectful to all members of our community. If you felt that we handled a particular situation incorrectly, please do share that feedback directly with us. We welcome all feedback (positive or constructive) so that we can continue to improve.


my work colleague has been asked to return funds won in split contest .He would like to know when it is certain that the funds belong to him , could he be in a position where you are asking for multiple contest wins back.