Shout Out To Ablebrands, Thank You! White Label Set Up

After struggling and giving up multiple times, after reading our article AND watching our video, after going to my domain servers help page and blue buttoning, I was going to throw in the towel again and I remembered you made a post. Your Tutorial is the only reason my white label is set up. I sincerely hope you make money or should make money from writing tutorials. The amount of time you put into that and the level of hand holding was superb and selfless. Squadhelp someone hire this woman. ps what you got on standard? kidding… a little. ps Totally unrelated to your tutorial, I may need to redo the sucker.


Able is one of the most helpful domainers ever! Always sharing domaining tips and other contest/domaining helps with us!! We are so lucky to have her!!


I have no idea how to even market my domains. Is it worth it? Basically mine have just sat there since approval.


SH is supposed to take care of the marketing of your premium domains (hence the 30% they’re getting on sales). You could always try to do “more”, but it isn’t necessarily easy. The problem may be more for all of us out there with standard domains which didn’t get approved. These aren’t seen by anyone on SH :confused:

The WLM is a “mini SH-marketplace” you can use to put only your names (or your names + all the SH marketplace ones) on one of your domain. The tricky part is then to have people go there … If you manage to do the latter, it may be worth it. But it’s no easy task (unless you pay for ads, which may not be worth it).

I still have a folder full of bookmarked forum pages where Ablebrands explained, in the clearest possible way, several topics I had no idea about. It was my first month here and I was amazed by the level of knowledge and the willingness to share it. Still am.
(for the whole year I thought she was a bloke!)

Commulinks is another one I would like to see awarded somehow, both are wonderful ambassadors of this platform.


I wish we had an award for the best domainer on SH because it would def go to Able.


It would be fun to have a SH awards show like Oscar or the Emmy. What would we call them? (For contests, for domainers, etc).





I said, Don’t Stop :smiley:

All jokes aside, I’m no more helpful than so many others here, this is a great community where so many people help others where they can.

We’re a great bunch of people! :slight_smile:


The Helpfuls? - or - The Squadys? :grin:


SquadStars, HelpHero :smiley: