Should be great!

Hi team, i’m new at the site participating at namig contests. It would be great that i could see my entries status at “My Contests” section. I have to open them one by one to see if my entries were seen or rated :frowning:

Hi @PHMConAv Welcome to the platform :wink: To answer your question, there is a quicker way to see if your entries have been rated. From the dashboard go to the Navigation menu. Then select Messages & Activity. Then select Activity feed and you should be able to see all the activity on your submissions. Hope this helps :wink: Cheers.


Thank you @QuiteFrankly great help, despite that, there i can’t see wether they have been seen or not, it would be great adding that info in this section i think.

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My pleasure :wink: And yes, I agree. That would be a great addition :ok_hand: