Shortlists - how real are they?

I love how my premium names get those small hearts every day. Meaning that new prospective buyers have liked and shortlisted them. (In theory at least.) I noticed something very strange though. The shortlists are always distributed at the same time during the day - every morning (at around 6:00 am) I receive a new portion of 10-15 shortlists. So that made me think - first option is all prospective buyers strictly shortlist names only at 6:00 am; second option is they shortlist names all the time, but Squadhelp only summarizes and distributes shortlists once a day. I made an experiment and asked a friend who has an account on SH to like a few of my names at different times on the same day. Surprisingly the new likes appeared straight away every time. I tried it with both standard and premium listings and the result was always the same. Also very weird how my standard listings never get likes - only the premium ones - it’s like magic… Anyway my experiment prooved that likes are not distributed only once a day, but at all times. So I want to ask Squadhelp - who is that mysterious prospective buyer who only shortlists premium names at 6:00 am every morning?

I don’t want to be negative, but is in my nature to doubt everything and be always skeptycal. It’s against my nature to blindly believe everything I have been told. I make experiments and I beleive in proofs. So my simple question is - are there real people standing behind those shortlists, or the system automatically distributes fake likes every day to make names look more attractive to buyers who will happen to see them on our landing pages?


Anton, SH updates the system twice a day. That is why you are seeing that. They are shortlists that are in the “queue” and they populate during the updates - they update early in the morning and late at night (US time zones and other similar times zones).

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@Commulinks Are you sure? Because as I said during my experiment shortlists appeared straight away - when my friend liked the names I asked him to. Also how do you explain the full lack of shortlists on standard listings? I understand that premium listings are exposed to considerably bigger audience, compared to standard listings, but still…

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Yes, I am absolutely sure because I check it every single day - every shortlist - on every name. (Because I am obsessive about it! LOL).

The lack of shortlists on the WLM listings was explained by @Grant a while ago. It is because users have to log in (create and account on SH) to enter a shortlist. SH did not make that an option on WLM listings because some people don’t want their WLM to have “Squadhelp” all over it.


Unfortunately, it is not. I principally abandoned WLM pages, but my standard domains still don’t have a shorts. This fact upsets me very, very much. I hope that the team will make the function of shorts for standard domains not in words, but in deeds.


standard listings and WLM are basically the same thing, aren’t they?

Yes, they are. But when I deleted my WLM page, I thought that now clients will make shorts from my standard domains. However, this did not happen. Why, then, are there evaluations on the page of these domains if they do not work? I believe the shorts should be applicable to both standard and premium domains.


I am curious to know then who shortlists my premium names - prospective buyers or other domain sellers. I hope that you don’t think that prospective buyers have SH accounts by default. @Commulinks I think you are missing the point here. Landing pages for premium and standard listings are basically the same, and they’re both accessible for people who have SH accounts. The only difference is that standard listings are not searchable on SH site. My standard listings open at Squadhelp site, not at my WLM. I use my WLM only to show my portfolio. It’s accessible only through a direct link, not through my domain names for sale. So i find it more than weird that only my premium names are receiving likes. I don’t know what @grant has told you but it sounds like only people who had SH accounts visited my premium names, and only people who didn’t have SH accounts visited my standard names. Sorry, but it sounds like dust. I am telling you that something doesn’t add up here.


Let’s see what @Grant says, if anything.
I know what I know, based on what he has told us.

Standard and WLM listings get zero marketing exposure. There are VERY FEW views if any.

Conversely, SH marketplace domains get shortlist every day because that is how SH set it up.

Sometimes, I do not understand the arguments made in the forum because it seems that people don’t know the different between listings.

But I am done talking about it!

I know what I know, based on what I am told. That’s all.

As far as I am concerned WLM listings are a complete waste of time (AND MONEY!). No exposure (even if you pay for exposure).


Compare number of views to your premium and standard names, and you will see that they have received similar numbers of views. I know very well the difference between premium and standard, and I told you the difference - standard listings are not searchable on There is no other difference. And there is not such a thing as a WLM listing. WLM has to do with landing pages only. I use SH landers, not my WLM landers. My WLM is simply a separate website that has nothing to do with SH. I am 99% sure that shortlists we are getting to our premium names are fake. You can’t be sure they are not, even if you check them - “every single shortlist, on every name, every day” - simply because the only thing you can see is the number of shortlists, but not who (or what) shortlisted your names. Was that a human, was that a prospective buyer, was that another creative, or was that a bot… And no, @grant won’t say anything because it’s a SH policy to not answer questions they don’t like.

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mine have not. Not even close. Not by a long shot.

But I will say that I hope you are wrong. I really do. Because I put a lot of stock in shortlists on my premium names.


Although I’m not a ‘domainer’ (I have only 8 Premium names listed), I can’t help sharing my findings on this matter. I also DAILY keep track of Views/Shortlists for more than 2 years, which is easy with just a few Premium names. :smiley: I’ve noticed some inconsistencies regarding the number of Views/Shortlists:

  • Most of the time the SH’s update IS twice a day as Commulinks says. BUT, I’ve noticed
    occasional shortlists’ increase between 2 regular updates
  • I seem to get Shortlists on names with Zero Views quite frequently - very confusing.

Unfortunately, despite described observations, I never spared time to dig deeper.


This specific name for instance. It’s one of my names that have those little flames beside them. I guess it’s a hot offer or whatever. The other day the number of shortlists was 5, and the strong buyer interest read “7+ potential buyers shortlisted this domain recently”. So I wondered how it was possible. Now it’s fixed and I regret not taking a screenshot a few days ago.

@Bisabog Yes, I have noticed that sometimes 1-2 shortlists will appear at random times during the day. I strongly believe that those are the only real shortlists, and the ones that come in bulk are bot-generated (once or twice a day; in my case is once a day at around 6:00 CEST - Central European Summer Time - I am currently based in Belgium).

@Commulinks I hope I am wrong, too. Unfortunately the consistency in number of likes every day is dubious to say at least. Normally you would expect days with zero likes, and days with lots of likes. Not 10-15 likes every day. Seems to me that the system distributes a percentage of likes based on the total number of names in your portfolio. My calculations show 18-20% on a daily basis. The % stays surprisingly persistent.


Our platform uses a combination of advanced caching and queuing technologies to handle the extremely high volume of visitors (over 2 million unique visitors per month). When there is not enough load, the updates to stats such as shortlists and views may happen almost immediately. However in several cases, these updates are queued and processed offline at regular intervals (typically every 24 hours).

Regarding Standard vs Premium Listing, the main difference is that Standard listings rely mainly on type-in traffic, while premium listings benefit from the massive number of qualified buyers visiting SH. Even if your standard listing receive good amount of “type in traffic”, it is unlikely that this traffic represents qualified buyers. Often times, the traffic a domain receives is because of some history (e.g. expired domain, mistyped extension, SEO traffic etc). As a result, the shortlists % on standard listings can be significantly lower in comparison to premium listings, because the visitors coming to standard listings via type in traffic do not represent real buyers in many cases.

We have invested in significant infrastructure to keep track of various metrics that can be helpful to domain sellers. However if some of these metrics are not helpful, please continue to share the feedback so that we can stop tracking that information and cut down on unnecessary system resources.


That one I missed to mention! ‘Strong Buyer Interest’ is also confusing at least. Sometimes it seems it’s stuck/never changing and on some other occasions, I can’t connect the ‘Interest’ to the actual shortlists. Still, to be honest, it DOES say ‘Recently’, so that can mean more than 24 hours frame.

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@grant I am not convinced at all. I said what the difference was between premium and standard - I just used more simple words - premium names are searchable on while standard listings are not. Otherwise both types of names receive type-in traffic. The problem is that the type-in traffic somehow only results in likes for premium names. I am not talking about fewer likes for standard listings compared to premium listings. Likes on standard listings are simply non-existant. There is a huge difference between the two statements.

Most marketplaces for domain names rely mainly on type-in traffic. If what you’re saying about visitors via type-in traffic was true, that would have meant that none of the other marketplaces would’ve ever realized a single sale. Which of course is not true, because other marketplaces sell names every day. If they didn’t, they would have went busted years ago. You are somehow conviniently skipping the fact that Squadhelp also hugely relies on type-in traffic. That’s why you ask sellers to point name-servers at Squadhelp.

Also what you are saying about the advanced cashing and queuing doesn’t explain the consistency in numbers of likes on a daily basis. It’s mathematically impossible for the likes to be the same % of portfolio every day. People who have ever bought lottery tickets would know what I mean.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tried to explain how this data is reported but it sounds like you have already made up your mind about the accuracy of these metrics.

Trust is an important consideration especially when you are listing your valuable assets exclusively in a marketplace. If you do not trust that a Marketplace is accurately reporting certain data, it might be prudent to explore other alternatives that you feel more comfortable with.

On a broader note, we will continue to add or remove metrics based upon what most sellers find helpful

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Okay, I will accept that exactly 20% of my premium portfolio will get likes every single day. Day after day after day. And that my standard listings will never get a single like — because apparently they’re only visited by people who are not “real buyers”. I will also start buying 10 lottery tickets every day, because I will know that 2 of them (20%) are always winning.

I hadn’t made up my mind, I was searching for answers. Sorry, but I think that this forum needs more critical minds, and not only people who clap every time you wrote something. I don’t think that clapping have ever improved anything in human history.

Anyway, I still find Squadhelp to be the best marketplace to list my brandable domain names with, based on my experience. But it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. I will keep listing names with SH and I will be paying close attention to every small detail. So thank you for your polite invitation to leave, but I am staying for now. :slight_smile:

Anton, Standard listings don’t get likes because there is no mechanism for them to get likes/shortlists. That is what I was trying to tell you before. SH did not enable that feature on Standard listings/WLM names because the buyer has to be logged in an account to do it.

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The more metrics the better! Thanks!

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