Shortlisted...then instantly cancelled

Has this happened before? My good fortune of winning ran out a while agošŸ˜„ā€¦just curious if any one has experienced having a shortlisted name and then bam in the same instant the contest listed as cancelledā€¦I am crushed and confusedšŸ˜Ÿ


I have. A few times now - I know the pain :raising_hand_woman::sob:


Thanks @liitodino makes me feel some betterā€¦I canā€™t when for losingšŸ¤Ŗ

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Itā€™s happened many times with meā€¦ especially with premium domains. I think it should be made extremely clear to us as creatives that the CH doesnā€™t want to purchase a name or at least have a budget only within which we can submit names. Why waste time all around? To me time is Gold! :wink:


I agree @SmartWebbyā€¦time is goodā€¦although it wasnā€™t a premium,it was clever and orginal for the spaceā€¦Wish it hadnā€™t got cancelledšŸ˜„I recon thatā€™s just the territory with this kind of venture.I still enjoy participatingšŸ˜


Not fun but unfortunately part of the process here! We cant control the will or likes of the CH they will do what fits them and sometimes it means we need to swallow Sh**. It sucks when you have your hopes up (maybe a couple of shortlists in that contest) and then boom nothing an empty feeling but rest assure you are not alone in this, we all feel the pain! Hope you get on track again cheers Bullen!


:beers:ā€¦and thanksā€¦good luck to you also :four_leaf_clover:

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