Shortlisted Names


@Grant As I asked, how does CH making entries to not be seen again work with this new process? Does it stay the same or are you removing that so true, functionable, and practical shortlisting/sorting can occur (of which importantly may ultimately benefit some really confused, not knowing what to do, or even picky CHs find their perfect fit) ?


So are you saying at any time during or after the contest closes the loves will NOT be automatically shortlisted, EVER?


No…see the quote


@Commulinks See Grant’s latest post, please. I would’ve quoted him but it won’t let me. I’m having technical difficulties with that.

I’m sure that’s not what he meant, but that’s how it reads to me.

Edit: actually just click on his replied to bubble in my post/question to see his comment.

Edit 2: if that is what he meant then my work here is done lol :wink:


Honestly, I give up. I don’t get the point. Call me blonde. (thanks Miss Clairol)
Take it up with SH. I am frankly tired of this discussion. If you get your way, it will be great if it works well. Otherwise, I am settled on “the way it is.” Sorry, this is starting to feel like a fruitless discussion for me in particular. But I wish you all the best, I really do.


@Commulinks Wow really. If I get my way… Aldaisy1 said she disagreed and I was ready to drop it then and there. You and others continued to chime in…so did I.

Furthermore, I was seeking clarification from Grant and YOU replied quoting the wrong post and I offered you the correct one and made a joke about if I understood him right.

Wouldn’t say I was the only one keeping this going, and quite frankly I don’t like your tone. It’s quite disrespectful and uncalled for.


@grant I still want clarification, please. Thank you!


This thread is no longer constructive and is being closed.

The shortlist feature was just added few days and we intend to stay with how it is currently setup for some time. Based upon its usage and effectiveness, we will consider making additional changes in future.

If there are any further questions on how this feature works, please contact the support team via blue button.