Shortlisted Names


Hi, quick question here…How many names are contest holders allowed to choose for their shortlist?


There is currently not a limit to the number of names that can be included. If they are using Squadhelp’s Audience Testing service, we will encourage them to create a Shortlist of up to six names.


@Darpan and @grant Please add points to shortlist names.I think some of the CH will use the shortlist instead of rating. I had a bunch of unrated submissions go to shortlists before the contest was even over.Please consider adding points to shortlisted names!


The one contest I am in shortlisted over 30 entries …this seems more like a long list :slight_smile:


How can you tell how many shortlisted names there are?


Look at contestants for specific contest. Some will have shortlisted next to entry.


I am having that happen on several of my shortlisted names also…they are not getting rated,but going straight to a shortlist. I especially wonder what happens if instead of rating, the CH shortlists one of your names…then changes their mind. Do you still get credit for a love it or like it,even if later they take it off the shortlist?


That’s what I said! What kind of shoowt list is this sheee! : )


Had this happen as well.


There’s one contest that has 100+ shortlisted :wave:


I wouldn’t want to go shopping with them. :slight_smile:


@Commulinks on the contest page where
it shows how many love/ likes etc…it now has a line with a heart next to it showing the total of shortlisted names.


Update to Shortlist functionality:

  • While a contest is open, any name that is rated Love It will be automatically added to the Shortlist. There is no other way to add a name to the Shortlist while the contest is active besides giving it a Love It rating.

  • Once the Contest is closed, any entry can be added to the Shortlist. At this time, the entry will automatically receive a Love It rating.

  • If the Love It rating on an entry is changed, the entry will remain in the Shortlist.

  • If an entry is removed from the Shortlist, it will maintain a Love It rating. (@hollygirl)

In the next day or two, entries that are added to the Shortlist while a Contest is closed will receive Love It points (@LauraE)


Great! Thanks so much for clarifying…it was a little confusing.


So to clarify, if a contest is abandoned, will the prize be divided among the entries ONLY on the Shortlist or will it be a combo of the Shortlist and the Love Its? (bullet point 4 above)

Also, while you’re fine tuning the shortlist stuff can you please check on something? Last week I had a name shortlisted and the CH sent me a message after the contest closed… I did not get a pop-up that I had a message nor did I receive an email letting me know. I did not see the message for 13 hours and only then I happened to see it because another CH messaged me and I saw that I had a “blue dot” on a prior message. I felt bad not responding quicker, but I had no idea I was messaged. Can you please look into this? Thanks.


This is what’s listed in the new procedures


Thank you @grant, is there any way to grandfather in the shortlisted names we have now for the points additions?


I don’t think a name should be short-listed just because it was rated a love. It literally makes no sense to me. It’s essentially 2 identical love it lists…that’s not confusing at all…lol What sets them apart?

I was initially excited about the shortlist because I thought it was going to work much like my “winner’s circle” idea.

@grant What did SH set out to accomplish by adding the shortlist feature?

I think the shortlist would be much more effective if the CH had to shortlist a name themselves. Once manually shortlisted by the CH it should be automatically rated a love (if not already) on the creative side, but only show in the shortlist on CH side. That way there is a shortlist of true contenders and a potentially longer list of names that were on point but not gonna make the cut.

The benefit of this is that it curbs the CHs need to downgrade a love simply because it won’t be the winner. When this is done it’s a misrepresentation of how well the creative hit the mark and hinders the guidance aspect. Many of us return to the same contests many times throughout its span and review previous entries and ratings before submitting new entries. Seeing no thank yous on something that was a love is misleading our judgement of what struck a cord and what didn’t, unless you happen to remember it was downgraded.

However, if we keep the shortlist and love list independent of each other a CH can rate an entry a love with absolutely no intention of choosing it as the winner, yet effectively communicating to the creative they are digging what they’re doing, and to keep it up.

Now, if the CH decides that a shortlisted name is not going to work after all, they simply remove it and it will automatically return to the love category. This allows them to sort through their shortlist of personally hand picked names and essentially downgrade them for sorting purposes without deteriorating the primary communication tool.

Also, in my idea of how it should work, I think a name should only be frozen if it’s shortlisted.

I truly think doing it this way would benefit everybody and cut out much confusion. Not to mention it would help alleviate the emotional roller coaster ride creatives go on when names are seemingly loved then loathed. Please consider :slightly_smiling_face:


I also have a few thoughts on the shortlisted splits, perhaps limiting the number allowed,in a contest by award amount, while i understand the new split system, a 100 contest split over 50 ways,seems a little much, leaving not even enough to buy a Mcdouble(which I LOVE) and unless you’re participating in every contest and scoring high in a bulk of them seems a little deflating, Perhaps if the min split could be 5 bucks spme how, so in a 100 contest the most a CH could shortlist would be 20, that way more people still get a piece, but its a piece not crumbs…


Remember why the shortlist was created. SH stopped allowing CHs to downgrade entries after a contest closes. They can only shortlist. The fact that the shortlist works even before the contest closes may be an issue, but maybe not. The whole idea was to eliminate downgrading and then so we know if a love or like is really being considered.