Shortlisted Candidates in Logo contest


Hello Squadhelp…Please make it possible for creatives to see the amount of shorlisted candidates in a logo contest, Just like the way naming and taglines are… You can see how many was shortlisted from a creative in “List Of Contestants” tab in a logo contests…Love It and Like It is mixed and you can’t tell if you’ve got a shot or so…Sometimes it makes you not to even enter a logo contest seeing the amounts of Love It/Shortlisted and Like It without knowing who and who is shortlisted, All you will see is High Rated…Please make it so like Naming and Tagline… @grant


@kingugo123 I have shared this with our engineering team. Currently we have a number of changes in the queue, so it might take some time to work on this feature.


Thank you @grant . Hope this would be done asap :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: