Sharing domains on TWITTER

Hello friends,

I’m hoping someone can help me here :slight_smile: Maybe 8/10 times i try to share a domain on twitter and the logo will not appear. I cant understand why it only happens every now and then but its only recently its stopped working and I’ve tried to BB this but what they suggested didn’t work. Now i’m trying to share an example its decided to work :grin: Does anyone else have the recurring issue with twitter.


Yes. This has been an extremely frustrating thing for me.
So, what link are you using to share? There are several ways to do this.

  1. Direct link from SH (without affiliate) - like this one:
  2. Simple direct -
  3. Affiliate link that you get when you click the bird for twitter sharing on your name that looks like this:
    This link may just have numbers in it at the end, too.

I have had trouble with #3 and have switched to using #1 when I see a logo does not come through. I think that always works. I have now had to track all of my names to know which ones are not working so I can switch from #3 or the other links I have with numbers in them to #1. I imagine #2 would work, too.

This is a super annoying problem and I have also brought it up many times. Links will work for a while - then not.


Thank you for your reply Commulinks :slight_smile:
Yes I’ve only ever shared as #3 you suggested. I wanted to share the affiliate link to possibly make a referral comisssion but this is seeming pointless anyway as I have made no such money from sharing this way. If SH are now pushing for these affiliate links as it benefits everyone , then there should be a priority to fix them. Possibly a troubleshooting video provided from SH :slight_smile:


Yes, the affiliate income matters. I gave up on trying to get this problem fixed, though. And I HAVE made affiliate income from sharing. I wish it could be fixed. The new landing page/sales income replaces it in a way.

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If you’re having trouble getting a logo to appear, try the Twitter Card Validator:

This will give you a preview of how the logo will appear and sometimes it seems to help Twitter recognize logos properly.

Regarding what link to share: best to share from the WLM if you have one, since a sale here gives you 20% back from SH’s commission share – this is higher than the affiliate links