Share your SH logos remake

I was a logo designer for several years, but I left logo design 5 years ago (I was doing it as a hobby) but I still have strong passion for logo design, I was very happy when SH announced the option to upload your own logos, especially that I was very disappointed with the quality of logos I get for my domains.

So I started remaking some of the logos, here are the logos that I remade so far:

What do you think?

Please share your logo remakes if you have any


Those are really great DeepBlue!!


Lol I sort of agree with WickedDuck, VRAxe looks just fine to me although I am not the one that designed it. MegaVoltage is great and simple, I don’t really know about invvent…

Well as one of the new SH domain logo designers with over 200+ domains designed, I would say it’s been a pleasure and fun designing, some domains of which doesn’t need a redesign and some which does, in fact most…So if I may ask, the new redos, are you talking about the ones done by SH design team or creatives like me? of which the design still solely belongs to SH…


Looks clean and amazing. Which tools do you use? Where does the option to upload own logo appear?


I use Adobe illustrator
You can need to be verified as logo designer before you can upload your own logos, contact support for that.

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