Share the names you wish you’d thought of (not created on SH)

Come on, we’ve all encountered those names that we wish we’d thought of because of its sheer brilliance :sparkles::dizzy::ok_hand:

Join me in sharing those names and the reason(s) why you like them so we can all inspire each other.

To expand the horizon a bit, please only share names that haven’t been created on SH :wink:

I’ll kick things off by sharing one of my favorite names; The Social Medwork.

The Social Medwork is a registered medical intermediary that helps you access elsewhere approved medicines, no matter where you live.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely :heart: the companies’ mission! It really can save lives :pray:. I love the name because it’s such a clever and simple play on words that also nails describing what the company does and stands for.

Curious to hear your favorite names!


Groupon - Group/Coupon, it’s a name that any of us could come with and I wish I had.


Poo-Pourri - the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray
I Love the play on words


Coca-Cola is a name I really like as it also play on one of their product "coke’


Shhhh, it’s a secret