SH Taxes Help (15 Chatacters)

Hey Peeps!

Did you guys do your SH earnings under Schedule C? Is there any special info we need from SH to fill this out. Thank you. : )

You should have received a 1099-MISC from Squadhelp, the earnings are considered non-employee compensation.

I didn’t get a form. Do we have access to this online?

Do you think it would be okay to put this under schedule C or nah?

I really don’t know but if you want the form just blue button them, they will email it to you.

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Thank you! Messaged them. : )

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Not sure how much you made this past year, but SH will only issue 1099 to US

Residents if they make more than $600.00 for the year


If it’s a name you sold in the marketplace, not contest earnings, you can do straight capital gains (short term if sold within one year of purchase/reg, or long term 1 year plus) I’ve been doing this the past 8 years, though with names I’ve sold on other platforms not on SH.

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