SH, please stop doing this


I am writing to ask SH to PLEASE stop setting up contests that need more than one domain extension with only a .com extension. While I know what your reasoning is for that, you don’t seem to understand our reasoning for not wanting to participate in contests when we cannot check the other extensions (not just for availability now, but also for later wink::wink:).

You say it is because you don’t want entries with just the “other” extension. I get that. But SH is not considering our concerns in doing this and it can hurt CHs, too, because “some of us” skip those contests. We can read the brief and the public messages for the “don’t sub only the other extension” guidance. Yes, I also know that people don’t read that. In those cases, creatives can be blocked for not reading the brief.



100% agree, since SH is already an established platform with many good creatives, I believe it is time to improve communication with CHs when they are opening contests. We had this mentioned a few times before, there are many things that seem unclear to CHs for some reason, such as multiple domains, trademark check, premium/marketplace/3rd party domains etc. This affects the quality of entries, and in some cases as @Commulinks said, creatives decide to just skip the contest.
Regarding the topic at hand, I had a situation that required “later” that @Commulinks mentioned, and I understand what it means. No domain, no problem to report…


Maybe a review of the briefs before they go live.
You review our comments, you review our marketplace submissions, you even review the message boards for conflicts.
Maybe a review of the briefs before they go live could solve this problem. You would see what the CH is asking for and can address all the extras they want such as trademark verification outside the USA and social media handles.
And the big one…want real English words five letters or less with available dot com.
Just my two cents worth.


Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been on SH for 2 years now and it fascinates me why SH keeps on allowing people to believe real English words with .com only are somehow available? Or how people need to keep asking the CH if they can delete their entry that’s been seen but not rated!


I agree, however, this is happening mostly on SH cobranding contests!


Ohhh yes. And although what I am about to say is off-subject in a way for this string, I truly “wish” that CHs actually knew how many names we searched and didn’t/couldn’t sub for their contest (but doubt there would be a way and probably wouldn’t be feasible). I remember a long time ago, I worked my you know what off on a contest … I kept putting what I actually searched in a word doc so I could remember that I tried that already… I had probably 50 or more non-entered names for that contest and I could see how frustrated the CH was that he/she wasn’t getting what they wanted… but everything they wanted was taken! That contest, I believe, was abandoned.


LOL clinks.
I’ve said before, maybe the system could recognize key words like trademark and five (lol) and a pop-up could explain it.


I think the suggestion for SH to review contest briefs before they go live is excellent. In particular the CH’s requirement for the “short dictionary word with a positive meaning” etc etc in dot com. I have noticed that several creatives are the one’s having to gently break the bad news that this isn’t going to happen. This really isn’t the creatives job, and just sets the contest up to be abandoned. A waste of time and energy all around.