SH Name Servers for Newbie


Hi! Guys am a newbie at this platform, joined couple of days ago. I have two questions to ask though, if ya’ll don’t mind. One is how do you guys point your domains to SH Name servers for review? And if you submit an unregistered domains are you required to point them to SH Name Servers at all time? Please somebody answer them and I would appreciate it a lot.


Hi Jared, It’s my understanding you don’t have to point name servers to SH for review, but once listed they are required to point to SH as long as they are actively listed in basics or premium listings. To point name servers you have to do that from your domain registrar control panel. So if you’re with GoDaddy for example just go to manage domains dashboard and you should see it there. Here’s an article from the FAQ section that should help. When in doubt use the blue button on the main platform and they will help. Also I suggest checking out the FAQ articles in the help section. They are very informative and will help you learn the platform and policies. Good luck and welcome to SH.


Thanks @Dbedio you’re really a savior.


Aww thanks, glad I could help. Hope you enjoy it here at SH!


Ok, so I read over what you guys said and I have a couple questions too…What does it mean to ‘point a domain at SH name server’? Maybe I should ask what a name server is? Is Godaddy a name server? I don’t mean to sound dumb but I just can’t help myself. Aye yai yai, I truly have no idea what you all are talking about… thanks in advance…


Pointing a domain name to SH name server simply means to direct a domain name to the SH’s marketplace lander. For example, if you own the domain name and it was accepted as a premium domain name on SH, or you just want to list as a Basic or Basic Plus listing, then you have to point it to the SH name server to get your name displayed under the SH lander.

This is done by going to your domain name dashboard where you registered the name (registrar). Godaddy for example is a registrar. From your Godaddy dashboard, you click on the domain name, then name server, then type in the platform you want your domain name pointed to. SH’s name serve is and

No! Godaddy isn’t a name server but a registrar. However, Godaddy has their own name servers just like SH.

A name server is a server that helps to translate IP addresses into domain names. eg