SH Name Servers for Newbie


Hi! Guys am a newbie at this platform, joined couple of days ago. I have two questions to ask though, if ya’ll don’t mind. One is how do you guys point your domains to SH Name servers for review? And if you submit an unregistered domains are you required to point them to SH Name Servers at all time? Please somebody answer them and I would appreciate it a lot.


Hi Jared, It’s my understanding you don’t have to point name servers to SH for review, but once listed they are required to point to SH as long as they are actively listed in basics or premium listings. To point name servers you have to do that from your domain registrar control panel. So if you’re with GoDaddy for example just go to manage domains dashboard and you should see it there. Here’s an article from the FAQ section that should help. When in doubt use the blue button on the main platform and they will help. Also I suggest checking out the FAQ articles in the help section. They are very informative and will help you learn the platform and policies. Good luck and welcome to SH.


Thanks @Dbedio you’re really a savior.


Aww thanks, glad I could help. Hope you enjoy it here at SH!