SH, Is this a good reason to reject my listing request?

Hello everyone,

So I’ve recently got a domain name that was previously sold at Squadhelp.

I tried to list the domain again at SH but they didn’t allow me to do so, They said that they do not accept to list previously sold domains because they think it’s not a good business practice.

While the domain is owned by me, They said that in order to list the it they require a listing request from the buyers that purchased it first time from their marketplace. In other words, They need a request from someone that doesn’t own the domain in question, Just because they purchased it previously from the marketplace they will have their word on it for life. Do you think this is reasonable? Because I don’t.

How about listing the domain name that I own for sale and do business as normal, Isn’t this a better business practice for me and Squadhelp, As a brand marketplace?

Your opinions matter.


This is something many of us have disagreed with for a long time.

Every other brandable marketplace will gladly re-list previously sold domains. Every other brandable marketplace understands that good names don’t lose value once sold. In fact, previously sold names tend to gain in value over time and often sell again and again.

When names sell on installment and the buyer doesn’t complete payments, Squadhelp happily puts these names right back on sale.

It’s time for SH to update its thinking on this and allow all previously sold names back on the marketplace.


I didn’t know about this until today as the case has occurred with me.

Despite the value, I couldn’t get what they meant by “not a good business practice”. What’s not good exactly? And that they require the previous buyer to request a listing for the domain in question, Which is now my domain name and there’s nothing to do with the previous buyer. So for what exactly they’re doing this? Why the previous owner is still involved? The fact that they purchased it previously is no good, Domains can change hands, Can expire, Or resell. I honestly see this as a complete nonsense.

In my opinion, The “not good business practice” is preventing me from doing business for such a reason. The previous owners bought the domain for a cause and let it go for another. This is now my domain name and they don’t have any word on it.