SH is improving but logos are not!

I think we need to ask SH’s help to look at the message system we have with logo designers because I honestly think they are not even getting our messages. I have trouble finding messages I sent and I assume logo designers are just not seeing our messages. I think their ratings would improve a lot if they could see the messages.

@Grant do you think SH could look into this and ask the designers about what it is like to work with the message system? I have had several very recently where it was clear they did not see the message (or did not read it) but it really seems more like they did not get it.


@Commulinks Completely agree with you. There is obviously a serious problem there. I suppose messages sent through the service section of the website don’t go to the same place as feedback when rating the logos. I don’t see many of my messages myself. I can guess designers don’t see them either. It honestly feels like I am talking to myself sometimes. Also not fun when writing a message in that tiny little box - sometimes my messages are full of typos, simply because I can’t see what I am typing. This needs to be fixed too.


I also think that the designers we choose are the not ones designing our logos. What SH told me is if the designer we chose does not pick up the logo to do, then it goes to the general pool. I can tell that mine have not been done by my chosen designer because they take over a week to get done and they are not the style of my chosen designer. I chose another designer because my original one is obviously too busy to do mine, but the same thing happened.


I can’t choose designers as I haven’t gained golden status yet. Even if I do gain such status one day, I don’t think that the chance for choosing my desired designer will work very well. I can guess the good ones are overworked anyway, so my names will be still randomly distributed to whoever is available.
The whole thing is ill-planned and turns designers into some sort of slaves to domain sellers and Squadhelp. Would’ve been much much better if designers and domain sellers could work together as a team in order to achieve best results.
I still believe that when you’re selling a brand, you’re not selling the domain name just, but the whole packet (the logo included). Hence it’s more than normal that designers get a portion from the sale. I can’t think of a better stimulus. While designers are getting paid only a few dollars upfront, we will get worse and worse logos. I think we haven’t seen the bottom line yet with quality of logos. Let’s wait and see how much worse it can become. :slight_smile: