SH is improving but logos are not!

there r already so many awesome logo designers in SH.

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Hello All
@TheCollective wow 5/5, that’s amazing. I am at 4.7/5 cause I have done so many… I see some here I have done such as RiseSprout, ScoutBench. It’s an amazing experience on SH designing domains but I have got to say that I can’t be perfect given my amount of domains designed which I can’t disclose… What would make things better is feedbacks before a design and after a design that is not good or up to standard… Sometimes some domains have no meaning or information or details as to what you what which makes it harder hence why some of ya’ll complained about just seeing fonts…I have done that sometimes which most received Love It and few received NO which I had to re do cause feedback was now given. A domain with no information of field of industry is like participating in a Naming contest that has no brief and the owner says he/she wants a name…Basically you would just say anything as a name because you don’t know what he/she wants hence some designs. So communication is what helps a lot. Because you have a domain with no information doesn’t mean you would receive a top notch design, sometimes you would sometimes you will not.

I have read some comments here, some hurts and some inspires, well it’s the work so far
I have spoken to SH sometimes about increase in pay and it’s still under the books so let’s see cause an increase would result in better creativity just like when the contest win amounts were increased. I can’t disclose the pay amount but if some of you know the amount paid, you would understand. This doesn’t mean I stand with bad designs, No, I want you all to understand sometimes how the process is.

SO TRUST ME, WE ARE TRYING OUR BEST AND PLEASE BEAR WITH US. For me, I always re do “NO” ratings designs. Thank you…

P.S it has really been a long while here.


Hello Everyone.

First off I just wanna say thank you to SH for the opportunity to design domains for marketplace sellers.
If you have noticed, I have relaxed from contest participation and focused full time on domain logo designing giving opportunity/room to more people to participate in contests.

I didn’t read a lot of comments before airing out my first comment but after reading everything, I just have to say in my own opinion that I feel very offended and attacked on. I am also speaking for other designers too who don’t usually speak up with the fear of SH cautioning them or removing them from the work, this includes me too.
@TheCollective a big thumbs up to you for being at 5/5 ratings, I am around 4.65-4.75/5, I range within that figure. So sorry for the mix up.

I have designed so many domains and by so many I mean MANY and in all I have less than 40 “No Thank You”. Now the problem with all these I have read is “communication” with the designer-seller, In contest, you are able to communicate with the CH and he/she pours out ideas and direction to get a perfect name/tagline/logo.
Some of your domain names have no meaning, no direction, no details, absolutely Nothing and would want an amazing/outstanding design because you want it to sell, because that’s what you majorly care about. Some of you want logos as outstanding as logos that costs over $200-$1000 or even logos as outstanding as contest logos without knowing the cost per domain logo we are being paid. It is really really low, and when your domain sells, we get absolutely no commission from that sale.
For example, I designed the domain that recently got bought, I have forgotten the amount but I know it’s a large amount given the fact that’s it’s a 3 character domain. I spent my quality time on that logo and redesigned it 3 times I think to what the owner wanted and when it got sold, I didn’t even know. For that large amount it was sold, I was only paid the usual amount for logo domain which I am sure most of you know the amount and knows that it is really low. Cloud brokers/advertisers was introduced for domain owners to broker a deal and have them advertise for you for a sale, imagine having that and telling the broker to go heaven and earth on the advertising and when it get’s sold, only you gets the full cut and the broker being paid the usual amount. Domains here are more than $2000 per one ranging on it’s value and we are being paid less than 0.25% to design it. The amount gotten from that 0.25% of that $2000 is the same amount paid on every other domain no matter the selling price.
I focused more on quantity due to our limitation hence why I said I have designed so many. I don’t take this as a part time or a leisure, I take this as a full time job because it is and I spend most of my day on it.

Communication between sellers and designers would make things so much better, for now it is so one sided and some of ya’ll are making it seem like as the tagline “customers are always right” which is wrong. I don’t deny the fact that there are crappy designs out there done by some of us, I included due to creativity block, sure they are but at the same time there are crappy names that makes no sense and I asked myself how was this even approved by SH? but it’s not my business as I am to deliver an outstanding design to a crappy name. Some of you are top tier creatives on SH and I am pretty sure you have received several “No Thank Yous” that you seemed was right. The same case applies here.
I have told SH that instead of giving time limitations to those on lower ratings, rather reduce the amount of domains they can assign in a day, just like the way contests are and let the higher creatives be able to assign more, that way, better skills better earnings which is what the world is today.

Designs are seen from different perspective, what MR. A likes is what Mr. B would not. SH and @Grant I think it is better for us designers to deassign some domains that we don’t like again or keep receiving “NO” after redesigning and the payment returned, that way another designer’s perception may and will be correct for what the owner wants. Another is to either increase the amount paid to logo designers or commissions should be given on whatever domain that was designed that was sold, at least 5% because it is through our design that attracts the buyer, The best looking thing is what attracts a buyer and why he/she can start a company or website. This would give creatives more drive to design better. Thank you @Commulinks, I feel you understand us designers to some point. Thank you @Grant…wow this was a long write up :slight_smile:


Thank you for designing my logos RiseSprout and ScoutBench :slight_smile: As a 5/5 designer here I could design my own logos, but i do not get PAID to do that, so i let other designers get the job so at least someone gets paid :slight_smile: I know the fee as you discuss and it is outdated and unjust. I will continue to push for us creatives. As a whole graphic designers are always underestimated, even my friends expect me to do things for free but they’d never ask a plumber or electrican friend to do something for free. Our skills are worth a sustainable price increase :slight_smile: All the best